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There is something about seeing two great television characters together that really elevates a show. From Walt and Jesse in Breaking Bad to Mulder and Scully in The X-Files, the shows came alive whenever these characters met. However, there are also classic shows that featured iconic characters who never actually met onscreen.

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Whether it was the large scale of the worlds they were in that kept them apart or the design of the show itself, fans might be surprised at some of the duos who never crossed paths. While the shows succeeded despite this, it would have been fun to see some of these interactions.

10 Inspector Gadget & Dr. Claw - Inspector Gadget

In every episode of the action-adventure cartoon series Inspector Gadget, the titular hero and his compatriots would attempt to foil the latest evil plot from the villainous Dr. Claw. Oddly enough, throughout the entire series, the hero and villain never actually met.

While they both knew of each other very well and considered themselves sworn enemies, Dr. Claw remained hidden away in his castle as he let his goons carry out his bidding. This even led to a fan theory that Inspector Gadget and Dr. Claw are the same person.

9 Clint Barton & Kingpin - Hawkeye

One of the most exciting things about the recent Hawkeye series was seeing Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin being brought into the official MCU world. However, those looking forward to seeing the Avenger take on one of Marvel's most iconic villains were left disappointed.

Though Kingpin only appears in the show's final episode, it is a little strange that he and Clint never faceoff given how much Clint had talked about Kingpin as a looming threat over the whole story. But in the end, Kate Bishop had the honor of fighting the crime boss.

8 Molly Solverson & Lorne Malvo - Fargo

The anthology series of Fargo tells a new story in each season with only a slight link between them. So there are obviously a number of memorable characters in the show that have never met. But the fact that the main hero and main villain of the first season never cross paths is certainly surprising.

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For much of the season, the determined cop Molly Solverson is attempting to track down and stop the elusive and deadly killer, Lorne Malvo. The hunt lasts the entire season until Lorne is killed by someone else just as Molly closes in on him.

7 Andy Dwyer & Bobby Newport - Parks & Recreation

Sometimes it is less about the characters that fans want to see interact and more about the actors in question. Such was the case with Parks and Recreation when Paul Rudd joined the show in a recurring role as Bobby Newport yet never interacted with Chris Pratt's Andy Dwyer.

These two excelled at playing lovable doofuses on the show and it's hard to imagine Bobby and Andy not becoming immediate friends once they met. It would have been hilarious to see Rudd and Pratt bounce off each other, but hopefully, they'll be able to meet up in the MCU someday.

6 Michael Scott & Robert California - The Office

Michael Scott was such a memorable boss on The Office that many felt the show lost a lot of its appeal once he left. While his replacement, Robert California, wasn't as fun to watch, he was such a wacky and eccentric character that it helped a little with getting over Michael's departure.

The tragic thing is that the character who would have been so much fun to see Robert meet is the man he replaced. From seeing Robert reluctantly putting up with Michael's antics to seeing Michael weirded out by Robert's overly sexual mind, these are two very different characters that would have been a lot of fun together.

5 Dr. Jennifer Melfi & Christopher Moltisanti - The Sopranos

Within the world of The Sopranos, Dr. Jennifer Melfi and Christopher Moltisanti represented two very key figures in Tony Soprano's life. Christopher was his nephew and part of his criminal world while Dr. Melfi was his psychiatrist and privy to some of his deepest secrets.

Despite them both revolving around the protagonist of the show in such close ways, these two never met. However, it also makes sense as Tony would do everything he could to keep these aspects of his life separate from each other.

4 Newman & Frank Costanza - Seinfeld

While the four main characters were obviously the main focus of Seinfeld, the show featured so many wonderful and hilarious side characters. Two of the very best were Jerry's mortal enemy, Newman, and George's eccentric father, Frank Costanza.

Both of these men were known for their short-tempers and tendency to go on rage-filled rants, but they also delivered some of the funniest moments in the whole series. It is hilarious just to imagine the sparks that would fly if these two had come face-to-face.

3 Stringer Bell & Bubbles - The Wire

Each season of The Wire deals with a new aspect of the city of Baltimore, but two figures that are key to the drug trade of the story are Stringer Bell and Bubbles. Stringer is a business-minded criminal running one of the top operations in the city while Bubbles represents the addicts who are often the casualties in the war on drugs.

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Though these two are among the most popular characters on the show, it makes perfect sense that they would never meet. Stringer was extremely cautious and he would never allow himself to be seen in the same sphere as someone like Bubbles.

2 Ned Stark & Tyrion Lannister - Game Of Thrones

Given how huge of a story it is, it's perhaps not surprising that so many key characters never met on Game of Thrones. However, during the first season of the show, it was plain to see that Ned Stark and Tyrion Lannister were the main characters, but they never actually interacted.

The closest they came was sharing the King's Road for a brief journey but they are never shown onscreen together. It would have been interesting to see their interactions as the Starks and Lannisters were enemies, but these two might have had a chance at getting along.

1 Jesse Pinkman & Walt Jr. - Breaking Bad

The cast of Breaking Bad was not a huge ensemble so it is a little noticeable when some characters fail to meet. And though Walt attempted to keep his life as a meth cook a secret from his family, his partner, Jesse Pinkman, did end up meeting all of his family members at one point – except Walt Jr.

It is not until one of the final episodes that Walt Jr. finds out about his father's crimes. But given the fact that Jesse becomes a sort of surrogate son to Walt throughout the season, there could have been some interesting things to explore with their meeting.

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