10 Quotes That Prove The Flash Is The Best Justice League Member In The DCEU

Fans are eagerly awaiting Barry Allen's first solo adventure in the upcoming The Flash, but he has already established himself as one of the DCEU's best characters. While he is a less stoic and serious figure than some of his Justice League teammates, that adds to his charm as a hero.

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Even without his own movie, Barry aka The Flash has really established himself among the other big-name heroes. He is funny, brave, and down-to-earth despite his incredible abilities. And there are a number of standout quotes that show why The Flash may be the best hero in the DCEU.

10 Meeting Wonder Woman

"Hi Barry, I'm Diana."

Much like Tom Holland's Spider-Man in the MCU, Barry Allen is a young hero who is just thrilled to be hanging out with these larger-than-life people. It adds a real charm to the character, especially as he nervously interacts with the others.

When meeting Wonder Woman for the first time, she introduces herself as Diana and a stunned Barry responds, "Hi Barry, I'm Diana" before realizing his blunder. It not only makes him a more relatable character but also humanizes the other god-like heroes.

9 Seeing The Bat-Signal

"Oh, Awesome! That's The Bat-Signal! That's Your...! Oh, Shh, Sorry. That's Your Signal, That Means We Have To Go Now?"

In many ways, Barry is like an audience surrogate in Justice League. He is as much of a fanboy of Batman and Superman as many of the people watching these movies. And it is quite endearing seeing him react to being at the center of their world.

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As Bruce Wayne brings Barry to Gotham City, Barry gets overly excited at seeing the Bat-Signal in the sky to the point that he nearly gives away Bruce's secret identity.

8 Remembering Superman

"He Was My Hero."

Justice League deals a lot with the aftermath of Superman's death. For many of the heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman, the prospect of bringing him back is largely about getting some much-needed help in the fight against Steppenwolf. However, Barry offers a more touching perspective.

As Barry and Cyborg dig up Superman's body, Barry takes a moment to reflect on it and admits that Superman was his hero. It is interesting to see a superhero talk about looking up to another hero and it further shows the relatable side of Barry.

7 Fighting Through The Pain

"Got The Wind Knocked Out Of Me. Just Need A Few Seconds, That's All."

Though his powers allow him to be capable of amazing things, Barry is not a warrior like the other members of the Justice League. However, the fact that he is willing to run into danger shows the kind of bravery he has.

As the team attempts to stop Steppenwolf, Barry is shot and injured. Knowing the team is counting on him, he pushes himself through the pain and tries to play it off as if he is fine.

6 Left Behind

"Oh, Wow. They Just... They Really Just Vanished, Huh? Oh, That's Rude."

It is a lot of fun seeing Barry trying to get a handle on being a part of this amazing group of super people. In most cases, despite his best efforts, he is just a little behind the rest of them. But that can often make him more likable.

As the team meets with Commissioner Gordon on the rooftop, Gordon looks away for a moment only to look back and see the others have vanished – except for Barry, of course. He is left awkwardly standing there, unaware he was supposed to leave too. But he also rightly points out how rude that was.

5 Assessing The Situation

"Tunnel. Right. Aliens, Bad Guy, Sword Lady."

Though he is intelligent and brave, Barry seems to know his place on the team is not as a leader. He is not the one coming up with the plans, but rather does whatever the more experienced heroes do. Regardless, he carries out that job without hesitation.

After rescuing Steppenwolf's hostages, Cyborg tells Barry to go back and help the others. Barry takes a moment to reassess the ridiculous and dangerous situation he finds himself in before rushing back into the madness.

4 Out Of His League

"I've Never Done Battle. I've Just Pushed Some People And Run Away."

Barry was already established as a hero on the rise before he joined the Justice League. He is shown saving lives and thwarting criminals, but going up against aliens and saving the world is quite a dramatic leap for the young man.

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Given that the rest of the team is made up mostly of veteran warriors and crime fighters, Barry understandably feels out of his league. Seeing him own up to his inexperience only makes his journey as a hero all the more special.

3 Saving the World

"Just Gotta Go Faster Than The Speed Of Light - Far Beyond The Speed Of Light. You Gotta Break The Rule, Barry And You Gotta Do It Now."

The brooding nature of Batman can be appealing at times, but it is also nice to see a more optimistic hero in the DCEU. That is not to say that Barry is fearless or confident, but just that he believes victory is possible, even against all odds.

Even when it seems as though the team has failed and Darkseid's invasion succeeded, Barry calmly tells himself that the only thing to do is to run so fast he can reverse time. It is that moment of determination that saves the day.

2 Joining The Team

"Stop Right There. I'm In."

When Batman sets out to recruit heroes for his team, he runs into some reluctance. That is until he meets Barry who has a rather unexpected response to Batman's request.

After showing up in his secret hideout and revealing himself as Batman, he barely has time to get through with his pitch before Barry eagerly agrees to join the Justice League. The positive response even surprises the Caped Crusader for a moment, but that is likely how quickly most people would say yes if Batman asked them to join his team.

1 Becoming A Hero

"Dad, Whatever Happens Now, I Just Want You To Know: Your Kid Was One Of Them, Dad. One Of The Best Of The Best."

Though he is the most unassuming member of the Justice League, the fate of the world comes down to Barry in the end. In those final moments where he is between victory and the destruction of the planet, Barry thinks of his father and hopes that he is proud of him.

It is a very touching and inspiring moment for this young man to acknowledge that he is among the greatest heroes in the world and how that has given him that purpose his father wanted him to find for so long.

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