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The Pokémon series has endured for more than two decades by now and has branched out with live-action movies and the anime. The creatures in this universe are so diverse that they can make sense in other settings and the DC Extended Universe is a backdrop where certain Pokémon will have no problem.

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Some Pokémon can even be considered as counterparts to DCEU heroes and villains like Batman, The Flash, or The Joker, while others will fit in particular environments like Themyscira, Atlantis, and more. It’s fun to speculate which Pokémon can become accustomed to the DCEU and it’s worth taking a deeper look into this based on the creatures' natural abilities.

The DC Universe is known for introducing malicious characters like The Joker, and Gengar is the closest thing the Pokémon universe has to the supervillain. This ghost-type Pokémon is extremely malicious but can also be downright terrifying if it goes overboard.

Gengar loves to wreak havoc by spreading chaos, while it can also possess people to force them into doing bad things. The DCEU has had chaotic movies with large kill counts like The Suicide Squad, and Gengar would be right at home where it would have the opportunity to victimize anyone he wants. It would be a natural choice for Task Force X.

Marowak is a powerful Ground-type Pokémon that can survive in grueling conditions due to its physiology. It can endure harsh environments without succumbing to stress or tiredness, and the DCEU could see Marowak as part of Darkseid’s Apokolips.

Darkseid’s world is a barren wasteland where only creatures that have a proclivity for the backdrop can make do. Marowak is a very confrontational Pokémon, so it would have no problem being part of Darkseid’s forces to fight off those the rule of Apokolips wants to eliminate.

Lugia quickly became an iconic Pokémon for fans of the series, especially since it was introduced as a legendary creature. It’s the kind of entity whose mysterious past will work well in a film like Shazam! that looks into powerful beings but with a more family-friendly outlook.

Lugia isn’t known to be malevolent, and its psychic and flying abilities are incredible, having even communicated with humans through telepathy. It would be a worthy addition to the larger-than-life material the DCEU is looking into, although it can also be at home around Aquaman’s Atlantis.

Fighting-type Pokémon will have no problems being accustomed to places like Gotham City, because there’s a lot of conflict going around there. As seen in movies like Birds of Prey and Batman v Superman, the city centers around the survival of the fittest.

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Hitmonlee is a highly confrontational Pokémon that pretty much relishes the prospect of getting into a fight. Should the series ever actually feature Pokémon, then Hitmonlee would be among the preferred choices of Gotham City residents to keep around as their bodyguards.

Corviknight is a Flying and Steel-type Pokémon that is very intimidating towards anyone it comes across. The thing that ties it best with the DCEU is how similar the Pokémon appears to Batman, with everything from the general appearance to its demeanor reminiscent of the Dark Knight.

In the DCEU, Batman would have a good use for this Pokémon, because it would scout for him and fill in the sidekick role that has never been vacated ever since The Joker offed Robin. As the Batman of this universe is much more brutal, Corviknight can unleash the violent side that its steel body provides.

It’s unlikely that Cyborg will return to the DCEU, but the role could be filled by this Pokémon in a fantasy setting. That’s because Genesect is a Bug/Steel Pokémon that has powers very similar to Cyborg’s, in that it can conjure up mechanical weapons seemingly at will.

The DCEU has been diverse with characters’ powers, with most having multiple abilities in addition to their primary skillset. Genesect’s physiology allows it to fight like a Grass-type Pokémon as well, which is remarkable considering how it can also shoot different types of blasts.

Speed can beat any other power out there because enemies just won’t be able to perceive their attacker. Deoxys is an extremely fast Pokémon who is generally considered among the quickest out there, which makes it similar to The Flash.

Much like DCEU’s superhero, Deoxys also has a host of abilities that come with manipulating its rapidity. The DCEU has been reset by The Flash before in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and it’s conceivable that Deoxys could do something similar if the Pokémon was part of this universe.

Using power moves is one of the biggest cliches in Pokémon games that fans like to replicate, with Blastoise a preferred option for those who just like to spam moves. This Water-type Pokémon can create incredible water plumes for its attacks and has superb durability.

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Blastoise can fit just about anywhere in the DCEU because it packs the extra punch that this universe excels in. The DCEU has power-hitters like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman, and Blastoise makes sense in such a setting. If nothing else, it could be placed as an animal native to Atlantis, given how vast that realm is supposed to be.

Mewtwo is the kind of Pokémon that would also fit in the MCU, as it has telepathy, telekinesis, strength, and many other abilities that make it a comic book-based movie’s dream. Mewtwo is primarily a villain, so he could be shown as an adversary to the Justice League in the DCEU.

Films like Wonder Woman largely look into villains who are morally misguided and can change their ways if they’re put on the right path. That’s the arc Mewtwo undertook in Pokémon, and he would make sense in a setting around Wonder Woman and the other Amazons.

Entei is a legendary Fire-type Pokémon whose exploits have become part of the history of the series. Its mysterious background would make it best suited for the past in the DCEU as well, specifically during the times when Darkseid attempted to invade Earth.

Entei would fit perfectly as one of the creatures that held off the forces of Apokolips through its flame-based powers. It’s also a Pokémon who would feel at home with the Amazons or in the magical setting of the Shazam! films, seeing as the third Pokémon movie featured it as part of a mystical spell.

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