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Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Book Of Boba Fett.

The Book of Boba Fett deals largely with Boba Fett assuming the criminal empire of the late Jabba the Hutt, who ruled Tatooine with an iron fist. But the show has already shown there are other powerful Hutts in the Star Wars universe, like the Twins, who have made their influence known in the series. Many other powerful Hutts exist in animation, books, and comics as well.

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Fans have been introduced to many different Hutts throughout different eras of the Star Wars franchise, dating back now to the High Republic to after the fall of the Empire. Most of them share their physical prowess but are distinguished in their capacity for influence in the criminal underworld or direct participation in battle.

10 The Twins

Comic book fans know Black Krrsantan is a powerful bounty hunter with history in Marvel Comics, but the Twins are completely new. This brother and sister duo, so far unnamed, arrives on Tatooine seeking to reclaim Jabba's former territory from Boba Fett.

They seem to be powerful enough to employ Krrsantan (and a litter of servants to carry them around), but not to challenge Boba Fett with the power Jabba wielded. They gift Boba Fett with a Rancor though, which could end up being a Trojan Horse of sorts.

9 "Mama" The Hutt

"Mama" the Hutt is the grandmother of Jabba and one of the oldest Hutts alive during the period of the Clone Wars. As a consequence, she wields enormous power and influence in her family, one of the most powerful within the world of the Hutts.

Her power may have seemed very thin when she was confronted by Cad Bane and Obi-Wan Kenobi separately for the whereabouts of her nephew Ziro the Hutt, but her cooperation with them was in its own way an extension of her power, taking a rival and a disappointment off the table.

8 Oruba The Hutt

Oruba The Hutt is a member of the Hutt Council who first appeared in the Clone Wars animated series. As a ruling member of the Hutt Council, which oversaw all Hutt dealings on Nal Hutta and beyond, he possessed enormous political power and influence.

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His power and station were distinguished by the fact that he's one of the only Hutts seen so far in any medium to wear clothes. His power couldn't save him from Savage Oppress, who murdered him after Oruba refused to join Darth Maul's growing Shadow Collective.

7 Zorba The Hutt

There are many great Star Wars Legends characters who deserve to be canon, and one of them is Zorba the Hutt. Zorba is Jabba's father in Legends and one of the most powerful Hutt crime lords in the galaxy, despite not even wanting to be a crime boss.

Zorba was, relative to the rest of his clan, a fair and judicious leader. This made him one of the most powerful Hutts because beyond his practical power, he possessed the capacity for mercy that most of his other family and cohorts did not.

6 Gorga The Hutt

Gorga the Hutt was the accountant for the Hutt Council, and as a result of being the one controlling the purse strings of one of the wealthiest criminal operations in the galaxy, is one of the most powerful Hutts. Gorga flexes their influence by co-signing Ziro's exile from the council.

Gorga is one of the most practical Hutts, making a calculated decision to cut Ziro loose after Ziro tried to increase his own influence through critical information that was damaging and dangerous to the Hutts.

5 Ziro the Hutt

Ziro the Hutt features in some of the funniest and best episodes of the Clone Wars animated series. He's also one of the most powerful Hutts, by virtue of the fact that he possessed information that would have been destructive to the Hutt Council on Nal Hutta.

He's also a scheming and manipulative player with experience and skill in the labyrinthine politics of the Hutts. He was behind the kidnapping of Rotta the Hutt and ultimately lost his life at the hands of Sy Snootles, the lead singer of the Max Rebo Band.

4 Gardulla The Hutt

Gardulla the Hutt made only brief cameo appearances in The Phantom Menace and in the Clone Wars animated series, but nonetheless Gardulla Besadii the Elder has an outsized influence among the Hutts. She held control of Tatooine for centuries before losing it to Jabba.

Gardulla was a powerful crime boss and slave owner - including being the owner of Shmi and Anakin Skywalker prior to Watto - but her tendency to gamble ended up weakening her hold on Tatooine. She eventually lost control of the planet to Jabba.

3 Marlo The Hutt

Marlo the Hutt was a member of the Hutt Council and served for a very long time, from the High Republic era approximately 200 years before the prequel trilogy well into the Clone Wars. As one of the most tenured Hutts, he was also one of the most powerful.

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Marlo also resisted the overtures of Darth Maul and the Shadow Collective, though, given the behavior of the Twins in The Book of Boba Fett, it's possible that the Hutts have been contracted into a greater criminal enterprise, possibly Crimson Dawn.

2 Myarga The Benevolent

Comic book fans know the High Republic is an era of the Star Wars galaxy full of powerful characters. One of the most powerful Myarga The Benevolent, a Hutt with cyborg implants who fought in battle alongside Jedi against the plant-like Drengir.

Myarga The Benevolent is one of the only Hutts who have ever been shown to be fighting in battle. Myarga The Benevolent wore armor and fought directly with the Drengir, and also brought her Rancor monsters into the fight as well.

1 Jabba the Hutt

Jabba the Hutt is infamous for his sedentary appearance, but he's by far the most powerful Hutt in the Star Wars saga to this point. Jabba rules a criminal enterprise that encompasses Tatooine and is strong enough to resist the direct influence of the Empire.

Jabba possesses a tremendous amount of wealth and material power, including a vast network of tributes, warriors, and bounty hunters he can call into service at any moment. His power didn't save him from the cunning and courage of Luke Skywalker and his friends, though.

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