10 Marvel Characters We Want To See In Multiverse Of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is promising a rollercoaster ride through Marvel's newly emerging multiverse, as the titular Master of the Mystic Arts (Benedict Cumberbatch) teams up with the newly dubbed Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) to stop their reality from being torn apart.

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With the recent smash success of the multiversal Spider-Man: No Way Home, which brought back beloved characters from prior Marvel franchises, fans have come to expect similar pre-MCU cameos in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel. With endless characters to choose from, there are certain previous incarnations of classic Marvel characters that we are dying to see on the big screen one last time.

Evan Peter's Quicksilver was a hit with fans of the X-Men franchise, first appearing in the sequel/prequel hybrid time travel film Days of Future Past, where he displayed just how incredible his superspeed really is. The character went on to appear in the next two films in the series, though he was often sidelined early on due to his incredible power.

Though the MCU has already had a Quicksilver of its own, fans are chomping at the bit for Marvel Studios to take another crack at the character, especially if it involves the beloved Evan Peters. After a cruel bait-and-switch concerning the character in WandaVision, perhaps it is time for Peters' incarnation to make a true return after all.

After a best left forgotten false start in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds got a second chance at playing Wade Wilson, also known as the mutant Deadpool, in a solo series of his own. The Deadpool franchise has spawned two films so far, both critically and commercially successful.

Deadpool is a character long overdue to join the MCU, with his snarky sensibilities perfectly matching the overall tone of Marvel's biggest franchise. Regardless of whether or not the Merc With A Mouth makes an appearance in Doctor Strange 2, fans can rest assured knowing that he is confirmed to be making his MCU debut sometime in the near future.

Halle Berry's Storm was an integral part of the original X-Men films, with the role eventually being passed down to Alexandra Shipp for the reboot/prequel films of recent years. Shipp played the iconic character just twice before the franchise ended (not counting her uncredited cameo in Deadpool 2).

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Out of the many mutants who did not get their just due from the prequel X-Men films, Storm's character arc was the most disappointing. Despite Shipp's talent, she was never given much to do in her films, with the writers mostly relegating her to the background. Bringing her into the MCU in this film could finally give Shipp the chance to shine in the role.

While the MCU did not get its start until 2008, there are many preceding superhero films that helped develop the genre ahead of time, paving a clear path that the MCU now walks. One such series of films that did just that is the Blade trilogy, starring Wesley Snipes in the titular role.

Many attribute the success of the first Blade as one of the primary reasons that superhero films rose to prominence in the first place, making it also one of the most important movies of the genre. With Mahershala Ali set to take on the role for the MCU, now is the perfect time to pay tribute to the original.

The internet legend goes that Tom Cruise was almost cast as Iron Man before the part eventually went to Robert Downey Jr., who has since made himself synonymous with the character. Although Cruise has denied the Iron Man rumors, this information has been a hot topic of discussion amongst fans who wonder how different the MCU might have looked with Cruise as its frontman.

Doctor Strange 2 is the perfect place to explore the concept of a Tony Stark with Tom Cruise's face. Enough fans know about the trivia to make his appearance meaningful, but the concept is still zany enough to have some fun with. Even if it is a small part, Marvel should perhaps look into bringing the Mission Impossible star into its next film.

Sir Patrick Stewart has famously played Professor Charles Xavier in seven different X-Men films, cementing himself as a pillar of the franchise, and becoming almost synonymous with the character. While Stewart eventually passed the role down to James McAvoy, his still remains the best rendition of the classic role yet.

The multiverse has long been a popular fan theory as to how the mutants could be introduced into the MCU, which makes it easy to feature a cameo from the original Professor X, perhaps as a way to usher a new brand of mutants into the cinematic purview. In fact, a Professor X appearance may be the perfect way to prepare audiences for the mutant mayhem that is imminent in the MCU.

In 2012, Andrew Garfield became the second actor to play Spider-Man in a live-action film, appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man and its 2014 sequel. Both films were moderately successful, though not to the extent of the Sam Raimi trilogy. After Marvel Studios and Sony came to a deal to bring Spider-Man into the MCU, the role was taken from Garfield in favor of a clean slate.

Fresh off his appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home, a film with massive implications for Spider-Man's future as a whole, Andrew Garfield has certainly redeemed himself in the eyes of fans, many of whom have been campaigning for the actor to return to the role in future films. Doctor Strange's upcoming adventure may be the best place for him to show up next.

Many fans of the MCU may not realize that Captain America was not Chris Evans's first superhero role. In fact, he portrayed the Fantastic Four's Human Torch twice in the early 2000s, in Fox's first two live-action films featuring Marvel's First Family. Both films were critically panned, leading to a franchise reboot in 2015, which was considered to be even worse than the originals.

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Though the role of Human Torch seems to be something that Evans wants to leave in the past, he may be more willing to return to the character now that he has established himself in other roles. With the actor heavily rumored to be making his big return to the MCU in the upcoming Doctor Strange film, this would be a terrific way to subvert fans' expectations.

Tobey Maguire is the very first actor to have ever portrayed Spider-Man in a live-action film, appearing in three films directed by Sam Raimi, who also happens to direct Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Maguire's earnest performance made Peter Parker one of the most likable characters in the Spider-Man trilogy.

With the multiverse of Spider-Man characters already ripped open in No Way Home, it isn't outside the realm of possibility for Maguire to return to the role yet again, especially in this film. Given that Sam Raimi himself is at the helm, many fans are expecting some sort of return to his original Spider-Man universe, whether that includes the titular character or not.

Hugh Jackman has the distinct honor of being the only actor to have ever played the Wolverine in live-action, appearing in nine X-Men films, including a trilogy of solo films of his own. He was a longtime staple of Fox's franchise - and perhaps the best element of the series overall.

With the mutants en route to the MCU, fans are perhaps most excited to see Wolverine, though it remains unclear whether or not he will be recast. Should Marvel Studios elect to bring Jackman back to the role, Multiverse of Madness would prove the perfect time to do so, as the reality-bending plot provides the ideal entry point for the fan-favorite character. Even if a new actor will eventually be cast in the role for the MCU, fans would love to spend one more outing with the original Wolverine.

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