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The Walt Disney Company has a huge year coming up in regards to releases. While there are plenty of movies to look forward to, many of which are getting a cinematic release, in both their animated and live-action departments there is also a range of Disney+ shows to watch out for too.

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Most of these projects are a continuation or a reboot of a famous franchise that Disney has already brought to the world, but in a few rare instances, there are also original stories to be told here. Regardless, there's a lot of promising news regarding these releases, most of which promises a satisfying and magical adventure for fans of the franchises.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding every year, especially thanks to the platform Disney+ provides. Plenty of new comic book characters have been confirmed for the Ms. Marvel series, which will introduce fans to the titular hero for the first time.

Although it appears her power set might have changed somewhat from the original portrayal, there's no denying that the previews for the series definitely reflect what readers have already seen in the source material. The show is sure to have huge implications on the wider MCU and especially The Marvels which it will later tie into. This is definitely a project that teenage fans of Marvel should check out.

Those who are familiar with the original Enchanted film, which subverted the Princess genre, combining both animation and live-action for a fun family adventure, will be thrilled to know that its sequel is releasing this coming year. Disenchanted is looking to surpass expectations once again.

With the charismatic original cast returning, the story takes place 15 years after the first and sees Giselle cast a magical wish which creates chaos within her supposed happily ever after. How these characters have evolved since their debut is perhaps what's most interesting about this piece, but there's sure to be plenty of fairytale hijinks as well.

Star Wars fans have eagerly anticipated the return of the prequel iteration of Obi-Wan Kenobi for quite some time, but Disney+ has finally provided LucasFilm with the opportunity to revisit the master Jedi on Tatooine as he begins his quest to watch over Luke Skywalker.

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It's unclear what really took place during those years of solitude which saw Obi-Wan's transition into Ben Kenobi, but the series is likely going to answer many of those questions that audiences still have. This is a must-watch cinematic event that has to be on the calendar for any fan with a connection to the galaxy far, far away.

The fall film Hocus Pocus might not be one of Disney's most famous projects, but it has built up a cult following thanks to its fun script, campy performances, and festive Halloween aesthetic. Disney has promised a sequel to the original, years after its release and indeed set far beyond the timeline of the first.

Hocus Pocus 2 looks to be an imaginative return to the world of spells and witchcraft, as a group of young women accidentally bring about the comeback of the three sorceresses who previously wreaked havoc on Salem. It's definitely going to be one of the quirkiest projects from Disney in 2022 and perfect for autumn.

Disney has tried to follow up on some of their most beloved tales throughout the use of their streaming service. Walt Disney Animation Studios have been developing a series of shorts based on Zootopiaa world inhabited by animals that focused on a rabbit cop and her fox friend.

Zootopia+ features snapshots of what life is like within the city of Zootopia, with this strange society continuing to operate despite the ridiculous nature of the concept itself. This is a project for the whole family, which will boast returns from the original movie, plenty of gags, and perhaps a few heartfelt narratives that actually rival the franchise's cinematic debut. There are plenty more things fans want to discover from the land of Zootopia!

Audiences won't have to wait long for the first Pixar release of the year, which will be making its way to Disney+. A completely original concept, Turning Red sees a young girl turn into a giant red panda in this coming of age story with a visionary twist.

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Boasting the incredible animation that Pixar is well known for and highlighting a range of new and familiar voice acting talents, it's plausible that this project could very well be another Oscar contender from an animation house that has always managed to create unique, personal movies.

Marvel Studios has plenty of projects on the calendar but Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness should be a major cinematic event for the year, taking audiences throughout the Multiverse and potentially boasting a number of surprise appearances from other movie franchises.

While the cameos and secrets are definitely a major factor of the piece, the debut of the comic book hero America Chavez on screen, alongside the conflict between Doctor Strange, his dark parallel, and Karl Mordo are also exciting elements of this sorcery sequel.

While Pixar's first installment into the archives for the year will display an original narrative, its second release is a sort of prequel to the Toy Story franchise. Lightyear is going to center on the titular Space Ranger, Buzz Lightyear, but with a notable twist.

The movie, which appears to be receiving a theatrical run rather than becoming a Disney+ exclusive slot, tells the story of the real-life Buzz Lightyear going on one of his most significant missions. This is the hero that the toy is based upon and Lightyear will likely answer a lot of questions surrounding the origins of Woody's iconic partner.

The first feature that introduced Wakanda to audiences was both critically and commercially successful, inspiring millions and garnering plenty of praise for both its immersive storytelling, incredible soundtrack, and breathtaking visuals and acting.

Audiences are honored to be able to revisit the world of Black Panther once more, but with the tragic loss of the beautifully talented Chadwick Boseman, it's unclear which direction Wakanda Forever will go in. Regardless of the narrative, as a piece that honors the legacy of the late actor, Black Panther 2 is a film everyone should watch in 2022.

Years after the release of the original, Avatar 2 is going to continue the tale of the Na'vi on Pandora and dive deep into the waters of the gorgeous planet. Details about the sequel have been kept largely under wraps but as a cinematic event alone this is one to look out for.

There's no telling what James Cameron has really been working on for over a decade, but with the scope of the first film, an increased budget, and a story that is going to be told across multiple sequels, Avatar 2 is surely going to be a special aspect of Disney's schedule this year.

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