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On the surface, How I Met Your Father is a spin-off of How I Met Your Mother. While the show does retain its source material’s familiar tropes, it also stands out with its own set of fresh characters as they struggle through love and life. Whether dedicated How I Met Your Mother fans would like this show in the long run or not, it is too soon to decide.

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However, for viewers who are enjoying this Hilary Duff-starrer for now, they can also go through similar reboots and spin-offs of classic sitcoms along with some new-age comedies that are tonally similar. 

While sitcoms tend to focus on characters aged between their 20s and 30s, Younger’s central character Liza is aged 40. However, as the title suggests, she fakes her age to get a job and a desired social circle. The resulting chaos forms the rest of the narrative.

How I Met Your Father fans would enjoy Younger for its hilariously fresh exploration of aging and the subsequent insecurities. Even How I Met Your Father's Sophie, Hilary Duff’s protagonist, is shown as a hopeless romantic who is waiting for her soulmate as well as her true purpose. In fact, Duff also plays a main role in Younger as one of Liza’s friends.

The Wonder Years needs no introduction for sitcom aficionados. Regarded as one of the best coming-of-age series, the 1988 original received an equally heartwarming take in 2021. This new version of The Wonder Years centers upon a 12-year-old and his adolescence in the 1960s This time, the focus also lies upon the protagonist’s Black family in Montgomery, Alabama, showcasing the racial tensions of the era for younger audiences. 

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The Wonder Years would impress fans of How I Met Your Father not just because both are interesting reworkings of cult shows, but also because both seem to be more timely and socially sensitive as compared to the original. 

As she deals with her tumultuous romantic and professional pursuits, LA native Issa must find a purpose in life. At the same time, Insecure focuses on other hilarious main characters like Issa’s best friend Molly and ex-boyfriend Lawrence as they lead similarly confused lives. 

Drawing immensely positive reviews, Insecure serves as an interesting take on adulting and the fears that come along with it. Such themes are also reflected among the characters of How I Met Your Father who navigate their dating and career choices while entering their 30s. 

New Girl starts off with a quirky teacher moving into a new city. As Jess shares an apartment with three men, the roommates end up striking an unlikely friendship. Facing the highs and lows of adulthood together, the sitcom shows how living together can change the lives of people.

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Similarly, the characters of How I Met Your Father almost share a symbiotic relationship. While some of the people in the group even have crushes on each other, the other friends end up finding solace in each other as they discuss the highs and lows of their day. This is comparable to the camaraderie seen among the roommates in New Girl.

A Disney classic TV show from the 2000s, Lizzie McGuire made a star out of its lead actress Hilary Duff. The show deals with the personal and social tussles of a tweenage girl. But to set itself apart from other coming-of-age series, Lizzie McGuire also incorporates an “animated inner voice” for its protagonist who helps her get through her growing-up experience.

If How I Met Your Father ends up winning any new recruits to the Hilary Duff fan club, then they must definitely check out this blast from the past. 

A spin-off that sprung out of the legendary sitcom Cheers, Frasier has drawn its own cult fanbase as it ran for eleven seasons. The story continues the everyday misadventures of the titular character, a psychiatrist-turned-radio show host. After he returns to his hometown, he plans on reconnecting with his family while exploring his new career.

Frasier can almost be seen as the gold standard of TV spin-off shows. As it gets a revival on Paramount+, viewers of spin-offs like How I Met Your Father can revisit the 90s classic. 

Sitcoms in the past like How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men have often taken a very male-centric approach to the charms of everyday life. While such shows are funny in their own right, recent offerings like the Lena Dunham-created series Girls present an alternate perspective on similar pursuits of adulthood, romance, and work. 

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How I Met Your Father presents an intriguing hybrid as it aims to retain the tropes of How I Met Your Mother. At the same time, it shows Sophie’s perspective. And Sophie is a character who is a far cry from Ted, Marshall, and Barney. 

Now considered as classics, comedy series like Friends and How I Met Your Mother do seem to owe some of their elements to Seinfeld. The idea of adult pals blowing off steam in a particular “hang-out spot” like a friend's apartment or favorite restaurant seems to be straight out of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David’s iconic sitcom. 

This sitcom tradition is carried on in How I Met Your Father as the protagonist and her gang of friends talk about how their day went while assembling at a cozy bar. 

GLOW, AKA “The Glorious Ladies Of Wrestling," takes a deep dive into the campy world of pro-wrestling in the 80s. Apart from some comic wrestling moments, the show also delves into serious issues like the prevalent sexism in the era and the on-screen treatment of women through a male gaze.

Apart from the all-female cast, Christopher Lowell also plays a major role as a producer on a wrestling show. Lowell is currently a member of the How I Met Your Father ensemble as Jesse. If fans would want to check out more of Lowell’s acting prowess, GLOW would be a good starting step. 

A prequel to The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon takes a look at Sheldon Cooper’s early days. This prepubescent version of Sheldon still retains the character’s eccentric social behavior and immense love for science. Instead of his roommates, Young Sheldon also focuses on his caring family that struggles to put up with his whims and fancies. 

Young Sheldon is a perfect example of how a spin-off can deviate from the original show while still drawing in dedicated fans. In this case, the How I Met Your Mother loyalists who still enjoy the new sequel must definitely check out Young Sheldon

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