Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas Becomes Roku's #1 Program Opening Weekend

Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas movie became Roku's #1 program around the world during its premiere weekend. The feature film revives the short-lived NBC musical comedy series Zoe's Extraordinary Playlist with a holiday-centered story. Jane Levy led the 2020 show as Zoe, a buttoned-up coder who has been unlucky in the love department. When an MRI scan takes a whimsical turn, she leaves with the ability to hear people's inner thoughts in the shape of dazzling musical numbers. The series was canceled after its sophomore season, with Roku stepping in and picking up the property.

Roku made a good call betting on Zoe, as the channel reported that Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas became the top viewed program internationally during its premiere weekend. It also earned the title of being Canada's most-watched movie premiere ever on The Roku Channel. In addition, the movie has been received well by critics, earning a nomination for "Best Movie Made for Television" in the Critics Choice Awards.

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Joining Levy, Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas reunites the television show's glittering cast, including Skylar Astin, Alex Newell, John Clarence Stewart, Mary Steenburgen, and Andrew Leeds. The film picks up in the aftermath of season 2's finale as Zoey attempts to create a magical Christmas like her dad used to for her family.

Dedicated fans have been singing the holiday film's praises. After the series' unexpected cancellation, passionate viewers launched petitions to save the show. Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas no doubt abates them and provides some satisfaction in the story's wrap-up. However, with the movie's success, it's very likely fans could see a sequel. The only question is: what holiday will Zoe focus on this time?

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