Xbox Handheld Console Reportedly Being Considered By Microsoft

According to a Windows Central report, Microsoft has spent a considerable amount of time "dabbling" in Xbox-focused handheld console prototypes. This bit of insight comes amid news out of Razer and Qualcomm Technologies about a new Snapdragon-powered handheld device, the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 1. During a recent summit to reveal the technology, Razer and Qualcomm specifically mentioned Xbox Game Pass and Cloud Gaming as services that would function well on the device.

For the last several years, Nintendo has remained uncontested in the handheld space, with Sony, in particular, ceding ground after the PlayStation Vita failed to move the needle in terms of sales. The Switch's incredible success led many to believe PlayStation would rejoin the fight, but Sony's interest in dedicated gaming hardware now seems focused only on home consoles and virtual reality units. Valve recently threw its hat in the ring by announcing the Steam Deck this past summer, a Switch-like platform that will exclusively play games running on Steam. The Steam Deck's delay to February 2022 ensures the wait for a high-end handheld will persist for a little while longer.

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In an article breaking down Razer's and Qualcomm's handheld reveal, Windows Central claimed to have heard whispers of Microsoft "dabbling with Xbox handheld prototypes for some time now." The publication posits the Qualcomm unit could constitute the perfect testbed for a Microsoft truly curious about the pros and cons of entering the handheld market, especially if Xbox Cloud Gaming plays a significant role in the Snapdragon G3x Gen 1's eventual content offerings. Check below for a close look at the Snapdragon-powered handheld from Razer and Qualcomm:

In spite of Windows Central's credibility, there's nothing to corroborate the veracity of the Xbox handheld claims. And if the reporting is indeed accurate, it doesn't mean Microsoft will actually pursue such an avenue for its gaming vertical. However, given the Microsoft's recently stated commitment to gaming, such a step doesn't seem so farfetched for the company.

With regards to gaming hardware, most of Microsoft's efforts center sqaurely on the Xbox Series X|S. Support for Xbox One is unlikely to slow down anytime soon either, especially since the power of cloud gaming allows players on the last-gen console to jump into experiences that are exclusive to the new-gen equipment. This should come in handy when Series X|S exclusives like Arkane's Redfall and Bethesda Game Studios' Starfield hit store shelves next year.

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Source: Windows Central

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