Witcher 3's Most Profitable Money Glitch Still Hasn't Been Patched

Throughout the life of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the community has discovered various money-farming glitches, and the most potentially profitable one, known as the Pang of Conscience exploit, still hasn't been patched. Crowns, the main currency used in the Witcher universe, can often be very time-consuming for players to obtain through legitimate means. Geralt's expenses quickly add up, especially as players utilize the crafting system to create higher-level pieces of gear with each piece seemingly more expensive to craft than the previous.

Obtaining just one set of fully master-crafted legendary gear from any of the Witcher schools, like Cat or Viper, including the respective silver and steel swords, is a heavy financial undertaking. In order to master-craft legendary gear, all previous iterations of that gear must first be crafted. On average, it costs players approximately 85,000 crowns in crafting expenses alone to complete an armor set from start to finish, and that's without factoring in additional rare crafting supplies that can only be purchased from select vendors.

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CD Projekt Red has been known to patch monetary exploits in the past, sometimes through creative means. For example, when The Witcher 3 launched in 2015, players were able to repeatedly slaughter livestock that was abundant in a particular farm area. They would then sell the animal hides to vendors, meditate to respawn the livestock, and repeat the process. CDPR caught on and pushed out a patch that caused a giant, terrifying Witcher 3 monster boss to spawn, protecting the livestock and chasing the player from the area. However, CDPR still hasn't patched the most profitable glitch in the game.

To execute the Pang of Conscience money glitch in The Witcher 3, players must first reach the Witcher stronghold of Kear Morhen. Just south of the main fast travel gate sits the ruins of an old stone tower, and when players climb to the middle level of that tower they will see a skeleton sprawled out on the wooden boards just a few feet from an unopened chest. On the skeleton lies a sword, the Pang of Conscience, as well as a letter of apology. However, Geralt won't be using this sword to kill Witcher 3's enemies.

If the player loots only the sword, not the letter of apology, then saves and reloads the game, the Pang of Conscience will be in their inventory while also respawning on the skeleton. Each sword the player loots through this method can be sold to certain vendors (like the smith in Hierarch Square) for over 500 crowns, making this money glitch both fast and effective. This process can be repeated infinitely, ensuring that crowns will not be an issue for the duration of the playthrough.

It is unclear if CDPR has specifically decided to leave the Pang of Conscience money glitch in the game. Other monetary exploits have been patched, but it's possible that the developers wanted to leave at least one illegitimate means of acquiring wealth for those who have a heavy interest in exploring the expensive crafting system. With so much to do and so many places to explore, acquiring crowns and money in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt through traditional means just isn't worth the time and effort. CDPR is likely well aware of the Pang of Conscience money glitch, but luckily it remains for the time being.

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