Will Forte's 10 Best Movies, Ranked According To IMDb

Will Forte is known foremost as a comedian. The funnyman came to audiences through his humor. However, throughout his career, Forte has expanded his work as an actor. Some fans know Will Forte from his TV roles like The Last Man On Earth. He has appeared in comedic roles in movies like Good Boys and in more straightforward dramatic roles in films like Nebraska.

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Forte fans have taken to IMDb to rank his best movies. His live-action roles, as well as animated movies he's lent his voice to, are represented in his ranked filmography. The highest-ratest Forte films wouldn't be the same without his showcased performances.

Fanboys presents the story of a few Star Wars fans. The childhood buddies meet up later in life and decide to go on a mission to steal an artifact related to one of their favorite movies. The late 2000s film lists Sam Huntington and Kristen Bell among its stars.

Will Forte is among several small parts played by notable comedians like Kevin Smith and Danny McBride. He is credited as THX Security Guard #4. Fanboys doesn't present Forte's most memorable role, and fans of the actor may not be surprised that his small part fails to showcase his complete ability, giving making it one of his lower-rated movies.

Will Forte acts in one of his most unique movies with Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. The movie comes from the comedy troupe The Lonely Island and presents audiences with a mockumentary. The movie pokes fun at music documentaries, as well as the rise to fame of contemporary music stars that found their starts on sites like YouTube.

Forte has a small role in the movie. He is credited as a Bagpipe Player and appears infrequently. However, his appearance helped complete Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. Furthermore, Forte's small roles seem to show a pattern in widely-watched comedy films.

Good Boys focuses on a group of young kids. The film follows three friends as they navigate the misadventures of sixth grade and their home lives driven by their parents. Will Forte plays the father of protagonist Max.

The movie is propelled by the kids, most of the gags are performed by them, and jokes are based around the contrast between their young ages and adult situations. However, fans of the film might say the biggest laughs of the movie come from the few moments when Forte shines, especially when he reacts to his son's disobedience.

Will Forte stars in one of David Wain's most highly-rated movies with A Futile And Stupid Gesture. The movie follows the true story of National Lampoon magazine, and its co-founder Doug Kenney. Forte gives one of his most noteworthy performances as Kenney.

It is no surprise to fans of Forte that he holds his own among other comedians who appear in the film like Jon Daly and Joe Lo Truglio. Furthermore, Forte showcases one of his most demanding performances as he balances comedy with drama in the biographical role.

A children's book was brought to life with the release of Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. The story follows an inventor whose experiments go awry, leading to the titular problem of food storms causing conflict for those below the Earth's atmosphere.

Will Forte plays a bit comedic role in the movie. He voices Joe Towne, who although not integral to the movie's plots, appears several times to don out jokes. Fans of Forte might say he is cause for the biggest laughs in the movie.

Fans got a sequel that gave the original a run for its money with 22 Jump Street. Some fans even say 22 Jump Street is better than the original film. The action-comedy presents a plot similar to the events of 21 Jump Street, where two police officers go undercover among high school students.

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Forte has a small role in 22 Jump Street. In fact, many fans may not remember him in the movie. He lends his voice to the movie as narrator and a football announcer and is sometimes uncredited in the celebrated comedy.

Forte presents one of his indie-comedy roles in Booksmart. The late 2010s movie follows Molly Davidson and Amy Antsler, two high school students as they navigate life in their last days before graduation. The movie focuses on Molly and Amy, but an older generation is also on display.

Forte plays Amy's dad Doug Antsler. Fans of the movie might say he shines in the comedic role. Those who rated it highly may say an awkward and enthusiastic father figure is a near-perfect fit for Forte's signature comedic acting.

Nebraska is one of director Alexander Payne's highest-rated films. Furthermore, it presents Will Forte in one of his most prominent roles, and perhaps the most dramatic. He plays David Grant, son of Bruce Dern's Woodrow T. "Woody" Grant, as he follows his dad from Montana to Nebraska in Woody's journey to claim prize money.

The movie shows audiences Forte's range. While often cast in supporting roles or starring in comedy films, Forte holds his own starring in the black and white dramatic picture. The movie received several accolades following its release, and Forte's spirited performance couldn't be ignored.

Will Forte performed in perhaps his biggest Hollywood blockbuster with The Lego Movie. It is hard to deny the influence of The Lego Movie franchise, along with the Lego company's relevance in pop culture. Forte lent his voice to the early 2010s movie, along with a galaxy of stars.

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Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Liam Neeson, and Morgan Freeman are among the celebrities who join Forte in The Lego Movie cast. Forte voices Abraham Lincoln and joins other pop culture icons like DC's Batman and Star Wars' C-3PO in the adventure comedy.

My Life as a Zucchini, or Ma vie de Courgette, is Will Forte's highest-rated film on IMDb. The French-language movie presents a stop-motion animated film set in Switzerland. It tells the story of Icare, an orphan who navigates life after losing his parents to death and abandonment.

Forte plays a smaller role in the movie. His character is Mr. Paul, and he isn't showcased as frequently as Icare or Camille. However, My Life as A Zucchini wouldn't be what it is without Forte's inclusion. The movie gained accolades from Academy Award nominations to high ratings on sites like IMDb.

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