Wheel Of Time: Why Moiraine Sent The Red Ajah After Mat

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Wheel of Time season 1, episode 7.

In a surprising move, Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) sent the Red Ajah after Mat Cauthon (Barney Harris) in The Wheel of Time episode 7. In both the books and the show, the Red Ajah is a branch of the Aes Sedai that focuses on capturing male One Power channelers and gentling them. Most believe that the Red Sisters have a hatred for men.

In Wheel of Time season 1’s penultimate episode, Moiraine ended her talk with Lord Agelmar’s sister by asking for a message to be delivered to the White Tower. Moiraine said she wants the Red Ajah to find Mat. By sending such a message, Moiraine likely just added to Mat’s problems in Amazon’s Wheel of Time show. For a while now, Mat has been suffering from the evil taint of the ruby-hilted dagger he stole from Shadar Logoth. Moiraine seemingly Healed him in Tar Valon, but Mat refusing to follow his friends through the Waygate has called his recovery into question. Just as it was in the books, it seems Mat’s struggles with the dagger are far from over.

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Moiraine choosing to send the Red Ajah after Mat is sure to create new complications for his character going forward. While Rand would most assuredly be enraged if he knew what she did, her decision makes a great deal of sense, given the circumstances. As some of the characters pointed out, Mat turning out to be the Dragon Reborn was a possibility they had to keep in mind. Moiraine was aware of this too, which is presumably why she wanted to point the Red Ajah in his direction. For her, it was a precautionary measure.

If it was any of the other four, Moiraine of course wouldn’t want the Dragon Reborn gentled, but she knows they’re all doomed if it’s Mat. She explained earlier that she was fine with him not going with them to the Eye of the World because if he was the Dragon Reborn, it could only end badly. Due to the dagger’s influence (and possibly his poor decision-making thus far), Moiraine has low confidence in Mat and is convinced that he won’t be their salvation. She understands that in Mat’s current state, having the One Power would result in disaster. She told Lan that she knows what choice he’d make if he faced the Dark One, meaning she assumes he’d side with the villain.

By sending the Red Ajah after Mat, Moiraine can ensure that he doesn’t wreak havoc with the One Power – if he has it. Wheel of Time has now revealed that the Dragon Reborn is Rand, which means that Moiraine’s fears thankfully won’t come to pass. However, it looks like Mat will be getting a visit from the Red Ajah regardless. Being hunted by Aes Sedai will certainly bring his character troubles, but the good news for Mat is that they can’t gentle him if he doesn’t have the One Power, and they can’t kill him (because of the Three Oaths). Even so, this could be Mat's next story. Unless this tease is followed up on in the finale, this could be where the show takes him in The Wheel of Time season 2, where Harris will be replaced with Dónal Finn.

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