Vanderpump Rules: How Raquel Outgrew Her Relationship With James

The Vanderpump Rules stars Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy's breakup announcement wasn't a surprise to everyone, as there were signs that they'd already started to outgrow each other. According to insiders, their relationship was turbulent, although they appeared to be very happy together on social media. VPR viewers are more than familiar with the drama that the pair shared on the series prior to their engagement. While James and Raquel attempted to paint their romance as joyful in season 9, things weren't so ideal when the cameras stopped rolling. The decision to break up was reportedly mutual.

Instead of planning her wedding, Raquel spent the weekend moving her things out of James' apartment following their split announcement. After five years together, James and Raquel posted a joint statement on their Instagram pages, which confirmed that they were calling off their engagement and ending their relationship. They said they love each other but aren't in love anymore. While some people might have been shocked, viewers saw the red flags from the start. In light of James' wild behavior and Raquel's submissive responses, many viewers felt she was being taken advantage of by the club DJ.

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After putting up with James' tantrums for five years, Raquel knew that it was time to move on. The two were reportedly going through "some real struggles" due to their "tumultuous relationship" according to insiders who spoke with UsWeekly. “[Raquel] still wants the best for him. They had a happy time together," a source claimed. They added, "She’s also grown as well and this relationship outgrew her. She has grown into being a strong woman.” The decision to split wasn't easy to make, and the insider shared that Raquel and James had only "a little discourse after the engagement." Ultimately, the couple realized they just wanted different things.

James celebrated two years of sobriety in July. Raquel had been there for James through many of his highs and lows over the years. She stood by his side through it all, but the dynamic changed once James finally started to mature, and they both realized the love wasn't there anymore.  “They don’t have love anymore in terms of a romantic relationship, but they still have love for each other as friends," the source explained. Now that they're no longer a couple, Raquel and James are trying to figure out what their next move is as friends. "They’re really trying to figure out what their lives look like now that they’ve split," the source said. "They have a lot of admiration and respect for each other,” they continued.

Most fans were happy to see Raquel moving forward on her own and highlighting her independence on social media. It was a long time coming, following years of James lashing out at Raquel on the show. While they enjoyed a magical Coachella-themed engagement party earlier this year, that's where their love story ends. As the Vanderpump Rules season 9 reunion approaches, James and Raquel are set to explain their breakup on-air. If there is a season 10, viewers will be curious to see where James and Raquel stand.

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Source: Us Weekly

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