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Superheros and supervillains need proper costumes to not only conceal their identities but also enable them to fight and defend themselves better. In Titans, there is no shortage of suits, with each standing out in its distinctive way. That being said, not all costumes are equal. Some are superior to others for a variety of reasons.

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The best costumes are normally those with advanced features or those that allow the wearer to perform better. Beauty is a major factor too as no matter how advanced a costume is, it cannot be considered desirable if it's ugly. So far, many characters have been shown wearing costumes that rival those of more famous heroes across the DC landscape.

10 Hank Hall (Hawk)

The former football player suits up in red and grey before confronting criminals in the streets. The costume comes with boots, gloves with claws, and a special cape meant to look like a hawk's feathers.

The standout thing about Hank's costume is its impressive design. On closer inspection, it could be argued that it does indeed makes him look like a hawk. Regrettably, there is nothing groundbreaking about it. Its sole purpose is to console his identity and as such, the basic nature of the suit puts him in the low tier of heroes since, other than fighting, there is not much more he can do.

9 Conner (Superboy)

The clone of Superman and Lex Luthor prefers wearing a T-shirt with the iconic Superman symbol on it. The look is made complete with blue denim trousers.

Since he's one of the most powerful Titans characters, Conner doesn't need an enhanced costume. However, there is a lack of originality about his casual look as he appears too similar to Smallville's version of Clark Kent. Proper tights would have made him seem more powerful and intimidating but on the positive side, his appearance is indeed comic accurate.

8 Koriand'r (Starfire)

The extraterrestrial warrior princess has a purple and gold suit, with long striped boots. Additionally, she has Sawar bracelets, used to suppress her abilities and a clock meant to conceal her identities on specific occasions.

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Starfire's purple and gold suit is aesthetically pleasing but it lacks any form of protective enhancements, hence the reason it ranks lower. Though she no longer needs them, her Sawar bracelets were the best part of her costume as they helped her regulate her rather strong fire powers. Her cloak, on the other hand, highlights her great fashion sense. It was also very useful when she was hiding to avoid being prosecuted for Scarecrow's crimes.

7 Garth (Aqualad)

Garth's maroon, blue and gold suit looks different from that of his more famous counterpart but it's just as cool. There is the iconic letter A on the waist to show he is from Atlantis, as well as scale-like features.

The costume is designed like a wetsuit and as such, Garth can move much quicker in water. Thanks to it having no special inlays or compartments for weapons, the suit allows for greater reflexes. For example, he manages to catch a bottle in the air even before the flight-loving Hank is able to do so.

6 Dick And Jason's Robin Suits

Both Dick Grayson and Jason Todd wear similar costumes during their respective stints as the vigilante, Robin. The costumes are mostly meant to conceal the wearer's identity but they also house devices such as shurikens and smoke bombs.

The Robin suit is superior because it has been designed by Bruce Wayne. The Zylon fiber fabric makes it so durable that Dick was able to survive an acid bullet attack from Zucco, one of the most intelligent villains in Titans. The green and red color schemes are also of a darker shade, emphasizing the fact that this is a more serious Robin compared to the one portrayed in other media.

5 Rose Wilson (Ravager)

After acquiring special skills from her father Slade, Rose dons a costume and becomes the hero known as Ravager. The costume has plenty of similarities to Slade's with the major difference being the mask.

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Rose's suit is perfect because of its durability. Since it's modeled after her father's suit, it can withstand all forms of attacks. The holsters meant to hold her sword are quite firm too as she can engage in all forms of reflexes without them falling off. Furthermore, most comic characters with a white eye never get the same treatment in live-action but Ravager does, making her appear more badass.

4 Dana Troy (Wondergirl)

Before hanging up her boots, Diana's foster daughter wore a red suit with Themysciran gauntlets on her arms. The costume was also equipped with trackers and a golden lasso like that of her mentor. Not to forget the belt with a W-shaped buckle.

The star-shaped gold decorations spread across the costume are mostly what makes it beautiful. The decision to go with red helps differentiate Dana from Diana Prince, who also prefers to wear a skirt rather than pants. The most remarkable thing about the costume happens to the lasso, which remains visible at all times, unlike Diana's, which is mostly hidden.

3 Slade Wilson (Deathstroke)

Slade's suit is a full-body armor that comes with compartments for weapons. It's designed to carry his sword, a combat knife, and an assault rifle.

The suit not only gives Slade a badass appearance but it's highly effective too. It protects him from blunt force trauma and even Starfire's powerful thermal blasts. It's also bulletproof, with its only weakness being vulnerability to electric shocks. During a fight with Nightwing, Slade is easily incapacitated by electrified Escrima sticks

2 Jason Todd (Red Hood)

Red Hood's armored suit has a metallic helmet with a feature meant to disguise his voice. The thigh areas contain holsters to carry guns as well as compartments for weapons.

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The voice disguise feature is a feature cool enough to make the suit rank highly. There is no originality in it since the idea is borrowed from Batman's suit but it still has a cool factor. Apart from concealing Todd's identity and changing his voice, the costume is durable. In Todd's numerous fights, he has effortlessly handled gunfire and electrical attacks. Additionally, the hooded leather jacket helps him remain mysterious.

1 Dick Grayson (Nightwing)

Dick has been one of the best characters in Season 3 of Titans, thanks to him morphing from Robin to Nightwing. His new suit was designed by Lilly and Stu under the orders of Bruce. The black and blue suit has a special mask with a wireless transmitter as well as Starlite night-vision lenses.

Dick's Nightwing suit is undoubtedly the best due to its multiple unique features. Thanks to its Nomex and Kevlar materials, the suit is not only flame-resistant but bulletproof too, therefore making him impossible to kill via explosions or gunfire. Even more impressive is that the forearms can summon his powerful Escrima sticks from wherever he has thrown them. The presence of vision lenses and a transmitter means he can never have communication or vision problems. And as Stu put it, there is no discomfort. The limited inlays allow Dick to be more flexible during fights.

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