The Office: 4 Quotes That Prove Michael Scott Is Like David Brent (& 5 That Reveal The Opposite)

The US version of The Office was made a bit after the UK version. The concept remained the same, with an awkward boss, exasperated employees and the banality of working for a paper company. Some episodes are exactly the same from both series, but as the UK version was much shorter, The Office US took off with its own unique plotline.

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Bosses Michael Scott and David Brent are extremely similar in their cringeworthy (but hilarious) and baffling relentless need to impress. However, there are times where both characters differ, revealing traits that are specific to themselves.

Taking up a new venture in starting his own paper company, Michael wants to inspire his team with a quote that he tries to pass off as his own, in 'Michael Scott Paper Company.' Although it's written on a whiteboard, instead of being verbalized, he still feels the need to write his own name next to it, like he is as much the creator of the quote as Wayne Gretzky.

This tactic is straight out of the Brent school of motivation. A very similar situation occurred, when he stole numerous quotes to impress Tim during his appraisal, but Tim sussed him out. For both Scott and Brent, it's important to sound profound, even if it means plagiarising.

After Stanley's "heart went berserk," Michael makes it his mission to learn CPR, hiring someone to hold a first aid session at Dunder Mifflin, for the employees. The quote shows Michael's attitude of blatantly not understanding something but not being able to outright admit it.

Michael can't comprehend that not knowing something doesn't make you a fool and there's no shame in confessing it. It is also a typical trait of David Brent. He so wants to be the best at everything and be admired for his talents, that he, just like Michael, can't abide being anything else.

Michael finds out that his new flame, Donna, is cheating on her husband with him, leaving Michael caught in a love triangle. In 'The Chump,' Andy, being the wise and subtle man he absolutely isn't, decides to use the film Obsessed as a comparison to prove that Michael is the villain, Ali Larter and Andy is the hero, BeyoncĂ©.

Of course, even a hypothetical or fictional scenario can't be left alone. So Michael states that he is always BeyoncĂ©. This quote could have come straight from David Brent. He believes he is the lead in everything, and for him, it wouldn't be much of a stretch of the imagination, to be someone as spectacular as 'Queen Bey,' herself.

The acceptance, praise, and love from others is something that Michael Scott constantly strives for. As the quote from 'The Fight' proves, almost every day is spent trying to impress others, whether by attempting to appear intelligent, trying to be funny, or by some other form of tomfoolery. It's well known, that the aim to please everyone, is pointless.

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But not in Michael's eyes, nor in David's. Wanting to be loved to such an extent that people are afraid of their feeling would absolutely make David Brent feel accomplished and successful. Both bosses want to be cool and popular. Whether they fit that description, is a completely different story.

The chance to show off is only ever a moment away for Michael. After tasting wine in front of guests at his own dinner party in 'Dinner Party,' he tried to play the sophisticated host, claiming that the wine had "an oaky after birth." The phrase he was looking for was 'an oaky aftertaste.'

Whilst David Brent does make idiotic mistakes, he rarely misuses or mispronounces words unintentionally. As for Michael, he so regularly bungles a saying, it almost becomes unnoticeable, but always makes for a hearty laugh.

Some of Jan Levinson's best scenes include her abominable spending habits, which, along with his own, cause Michael to go bankrupt. He thinks the way to declare bankruptcy, is to literally shout the words, which he decides to do in front of all his colleagues at the office, in 'Money.'

Although David has faced his own money troubles after spending thousands of pounds on an unsuccessful music single and accompanying video release, he is reluctant to disclose the information and he certainly wouldn't exclaim it, much less in front of his workers. David's pride would get in the way and in any case, he'd probably know shouting "I declare bankruptcy," isn't how it works.

Michael Scott sees his employees as more than just that. To him, they are his best friends (except for poor Toby). His answer to having a special someone is the people who work for him, which is probably not the most usual thing for a boss to say. Although he does persistently search for a girlfriend, he also sees his friends as a suitable substitute.

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David Brent feels the pressure from other bully-like colleagues, who never expect him to be with a woman even though he pretends to be inundated with dates. He may express a need for validation from his employees, but they wouldn't replace having a special someone.

To Michael Scott, the image of being cool is essential, even though he never really achieves it. He seems to unwittingly confess to being uncool, not realizing what he's saying. To admit that he's never part of an inside joke proves he's maybe not as funny as he thinks, nor as popular.

David Brent, on the other hand, would try to convince people that he is part of plenty of inside jokes. In his opinion, comedy is his forte. His jokes may fall flat, but it doesn't change his mind on his ability. David doesn't like people getting a bigger laugh than him, making sure everyone knows of any joke that he said first.

Michael jumps between thinking he is a Casanova and then admitting he doesn't understand women at all. The latter is the most accurate. In 'Women's Appreciation,' he claims that women are "un-understandable," but in reality, Michael is his own worst enemy when it comes to women.

Although David Brent isn't dissimilar in his clumsy approach to the opposite sex, he doesn't tell other people that he can't understand women. He still likes to think of himself as an Adonis, even if he hasn't got a great dating record.

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