The Family Chantel: How Pedro Jimeno's Family Failed Him Big Time

Pedro Jimeno from The Family Chantel experienced issues with his now-wife Chantel Jimeno's family on 90 Day Fiancé, but the Dominican Republic native is earning overwhelming viewer sympathy as he faces issues in his own family. Chantel's parents Karen and Thomas Everett infamously accused Pedro of "harvesting the American dollar" by working in the United States and sending money back to his family. Although Pedro is now on better terms with the Everett family, he is being mistreated by his family during The Family Chantel season 3.

Pedro and Chantel's relationship is in a good place, so he's been able to focus on learning more about his estranged father. Pedro's mother Lidia Jimeno had Pedro and his younger sister Nicole Jimeno with his father Pedro Jimeno Sr., even though the man was married to someone else. After discovering that his father also has a legitimate child named Pedro, The Family Chantel's Pedro traveled to the Dominican Republic in search of answers from his family. Unfortunately, the women in his family were very unsupportive of his quest. In fact, they mocked Pedro for being upset about how many family members had affairs. Though Pedro remains singularly devoted to his wife Chantel, his mother, sister, and grandmother all normalized affairs and cheating.

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On Reddit, U/Impeachykeene discussed the heartbreaking conversation that Pedro had with the women in his family. "Watching Pedro's grandma, mother & sister mock him for wanting to know his father was horrifying," the user titled their post. Though the drama on The Family Chantel is often exaggerated, many viewers thought that the scene with Pedro's family revealed real and tragic emotions. Plenty of viewers felt very bad for Pedro, who clearly values family, fidelity, and commitment. Mald1z1 wrote, "Lidia is a nasty piece of work. She probably learned to be that way from her mean and bullying mom. No surprise that Nicole is also a nasty, mean bully." Many fans agreed that Pedro's family had been shockingly cruel to him.

Viewers were also angry that Pedro's family tried to blame affairs on their culture when stepping outside of marriage is a personal choice. Some commenters expressed that they understood why Chantel's family dislikes the Jimeno family. Redditor Electrichurricane321 "I felt so bad for him. He was mocked for being faithful to his wife. That's insane! And Nicole is always bashing his marriage, which also is weird to me because he's got the healthiest relationship of anyone in his family," one commenter wrote. Other viewers noted how focused Nicole is on ruining Chantel and Pedro's marriage when it is the seemingly most successful union in the family. Some feel that his family is filled with people who have serious issues and mean spirits.

Unfortunately, the issues within Pedro's family did not improve on the most recent episode of The Family Chantel season 3. Chantel arrived to support Pedro, which was necessary given the hostility and utter lack of understanding offered by his family. Lidia voiced that Pedro was childish for wanting to know his father. She refused to answer her son’s questions and even claimed that she never loved his father. However, Chantel tried to help Pedro see things from his mother’s perspective since she was clearly hurting. Unfortunately, Pedro started questioning everything in his life and spiraling into a bad mental place. Overall, Chantel and her family are coming across as far more united than the chaotic and cruel Jimeno family on The Family Chantel season 3.

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