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Apart from chatting about science, the characters in The Big Bang Theory love to have a good time. They do that in many ways, including going on date nights, visiting theme parks, playing video games, and hosting parties. They also make a point to celebrate each other's birthdays from time to time.

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When it comes to birthday celebrations, the show has been biased towards certain characters. Sheldon and Amy have had the most birthday celebrations while Penny, Raj, Howard, and Bernadette have had none. Nonetheless, every celebration has been either awesome or dramatic, thus spicing up the proceedings.

7 "The Intimacy Acceleration" (S8E16)

This is the first time Sheldon gets to celebrate his birthday. Initially, all his friends have no idea that it's his birthday and he prefers it to stay that way. When they find out, they throw a party for him, but he isn't impressed.

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The episode ranks lowest because there is no jovial mood nor any major form of merriment. Sheldon has no intention of celebrating and even ruins the cheer by stating how awesome it would be for one to die on their birthday. "The Intimacy Acceleration" is also tainted by the numerous goofs surrounding details about Sheldon's birthday. For example. Amy claims to not have know Sheldon's birthday yet she was seen going through his Caltech employee profile in Season 6. His birthday must have been stated in the profile. Penny also states that Sheldon is a Pisces yet in Season 1, she had stated that he was a Taurus.

6 "The Opening Night Excitation" (S9E11)

Amy's Birthday falls on the same day as the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (December 17), and Sheldon is conflicted about which one to prioritize. He ultimately chooses Amy's birthday then offers her intimacy as his special present.

It's a special kind of birthday because there are no wild celebrations. After having broken up for a while, the two both want something lowkey. There is also the hint that they think alike since Sheldon secretly planned to offer intimacy to Amy as his birthday present and she was expecting the same thing. And apart from celebrating a birthday, the private celebration can also be considered one of Sheldon and Amy's best date nights.

5 "The Commitment Determination" (S8E24)

Because he has been eating everyone's food and misbehaving, the gang makes plans to kick Stuart out of the apartment. But when they sit him down, they present him with a cupcake and blow candles for his birthday.

Though not one of the biggest twists in The Big Bang Theory, the gang opting to surprise Stuart with a mini party instead of kicking him out is what makes the episode golden. Once again, they confirm that they are all good-hearted and can never willingly abandon someone they know. After all, Stuart has helped satisfy their appetite for comic books for a long time. Regrettably, it's never quite stated whether they eventually kick him out or not.

4 "The Peanut Reaction" (S1E16)

Penny discovers that Leonard has never had a birthday party in his life so she decides to throw one for him. Unfortunately, Howard and Leonard end up arriving too late for the party, because Howard's attempt to get Leonard out of the apartment seriously backfires.

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Leonard's complicated relationship with his mother is emphasized in the episode. In one of the weirdest reasons for avoiding birthday parties, it's revealed that his mother told them that only special achievements should be celebrated, and getting born isn't one of them. Sheldon also establishes himself as an expert in birthday presents. As he explains the merits and demerits of getting a router at the store, everyone becomes so impressed that they come to him for advice.

3 "The Birthday Synchronicity" (s10E11)

It's Amy's birthday but Sheldon is angry at her because she went to a Harry Potter Wizard World theme park without him. Nonetheless, things become more cheerful when Bernadette and Howard's baby gets born on the same day.

For the most part, "The Birthday Synchronicity" underscores Amy and Sheldon's seesaw relationship, He is portrayed as the unreasonable one as he gets angry over petty things. Amy, on the other hand, is understanding as she organizes another visit to the park so that Sheldon can be happy, yet she's the one supposed to get a treat. Bernadette and Howard's baby also getting born on the same day is a heartwarming moment.

2 "The Celebration Reverberation" (S11E11)

Halley's birthday falls on the same day as Amy's and the friends figure out how to celebrate both. Howard declines to invite Raj to the party, despite him being Halley's godfather, and this causes friction between the two.

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Despite not being the person celebrating their birthday, Raj ends up being the star of the episode. He demonstrates his selflessness by preparing the house for the party even though Howard didn't invite him. He does this out of love for Hailey, something that touches Howard's heart and causes him to apologize. Having celebrated many birthdays before, Amy remains lowkey for most of the episode.

1 "The Celebration Experimentation" (S9E17)

As usual, Sheldon tries to resist when the gang organizes a birthday for him. He claims he has hated birthday ever since he was tricked into thinking that Batman would show up when he was young. His friends thus organize for the legendary Batman TV actor, Adam West, to show up. Stephen Hawking also gets to sing a birthday song for him.

Apart from having some of the biggest celebrity cameos in The Big Bang Theory, "The Celebration Experimentation" feels revitalizing because birthday presents are substituted with thoughtful words. Instead of getting Sheldon something special, each of his friends gets to say something they like the most about him. And for once, Sheldon actually gets to enjoy a birthday celebration.

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