The Big Bang Theory: 10 Things From Season 1 That Keep Getting Better Over Time

The first season of The Big Bang Theory was released in September 2007 and introduced the lively friend group that consists of Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj, and Howard. What some fans may not know is that the original pilot had the same concept (two brilliant scientists and roommates who meet a beautiful woman down on her luck) but had an entirely different vibe. The network rewrote the pilot, giving us the sitcom TBBT fans love today.

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Season 1 had 17 episodes in it and gave audiences a great introductory to the work the characters did and what their connection was like. As great as season 1 was, there were relationships, developments, and storylines that only got better as the series continued.

In season 1, Sheldon was close-minded, judgemental of other people's work, and had zero interest in a romantic relationship. In later seasons, he was the same person but he became more adaptable. His mind expanded when he met Penny, he allowed himself to see the merit in other people's work, and his heart grew when he met Amy Farrah Fowler.

Watching Sheldon's transformation over 12 seasons was extraordinary. He used to be so closed off and cynical in season 1, but as the series progressed, he was open to more things (albeit hesitant) and it made him a more caring and loving person. Sheldon even gave good advice to those in need instead of ignoring them and focusing on himself.

Sheldon and Penny had one of the best friendships in the series. In season 1, Sheldon was annoyed by her presence but curious of her at the same time. She was his complete opposite and she didn't ignore or judge Sheldon for his quirky remarks. Instead, she found him entertaining.

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In the first season, Sheldon cleaned Penny's apartment while she slept because her messiness bothered him, he allowed Penny to sleep on his couch under strict conditions, and his obsession with collector's items bothered Penny. As time went on, the two created a mutual understanding and respect for each other. They were best friends.

Despite their bad moments, Leonard and Sheldon had a bromance that couldn't be broken. No matter how much they annoyed each other, they were comfortable together and valued each other's friendship.

In season 1, it was clear that Leonard did whatever Sheldon needed to feel comfortable because he didn't feel like dealing with the consequences of a whiney Sheldon. This created a one-sided friendship. As TBBT carried on, Leonard stood up to Sheldon and didn't allow him to walk all over him anymore. This created equality, which led them to protect each other from outsiders and work together as scientists on experiments and other work accomplishments.

The Raj fans met in season 1 is a totally different person from the Raj fans met in season 12. In season 1, Raj had selective mutism where he wasn't able to speak to women. It wasn't until Penny started bartending that Raj realized he could only speak if he was drinking alcohol.

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The one thing that stayed the same throughout the series was Raj's journey to find love. In season 1, Raj wanted his parents to help with finding a mate, but he later realized he wanted to find love on his own. It was when he fell in love organically that his relationships paid off. Aside from his relationships, Raj gained more confidence at work, allowed his natural hair to break free, and he stood up to Howard who took advantage of him from time to time.

In season 1, one of the only side characters shown was Leslie Winkle. Stuart, Barry Kripke, and Bert didn't come until season 2 and later. As hilarious as the core group is, side characters like Stuart really rounded the group out.

In seasons after season 1, Stuart's comic book store added a new location for the group to go to, Kripke gave Sheldon a run for his money at work, and Bert's interactions were fun to watch. These characters were a breath of fresh air from season 1.

Leslie Winkle was a fellow experimental physicist that worked with Leonard at Caltech. Her dry sense of humor and inability to deal with Sheldon's quirks made her a fun opponent to watch. She and Leonard even tried to have a romantic relationship in season 1 but realized they were better off as friends.

Leslie was an underrated character who had the same intelligence as the core group. She fixed Sheldon's mathematical problem on his whiteboard in season 2, she theorized why Penny became addicted to gaming, and she orchestrated a friends-with-benefits deal with Howard. However, it's her comebacks with Sheldon that got better and better.

Fans first meet Sheldon's mom, Mary Cooper, when he's fired from his job for insulting the president in season 1. Leonard called Mary to give her a heads up that Sheldon was in a bad place, which prompts her arrival.

Mary's personality is the same in later seasons as it is in season 1. She's uber-religious, culturally insensitive, but overall, an incredible mother. Mary also became a mother of sorts to the rest of the group. She always prayed for "Shelly's little friends" and had a close bond with Penny. Fans looked forward to seeing more of her after season 1.

In season 1, it became known that Sheldon didn't understand sarcasm. He took what everyone said literally and was often the butt of the joke because of it. Once he became friends with Penny and met Bernadette and Amy in later seasons, Sheldon began to understand sarcasm. He also began to pick up on people's emotions — something that didn't register for him in season 1. His trial and error of understanding sarcasm and humor only got better after season 1.

In season 1, fans noticed right away how insecure Leonard was. He was shy around Penny, he was nervous to stand up to Sheldon, and he didn't have a voice in most of his relationships. As the series continued, Leonard's confidence in all areas grew.

Fans loved that Leonard stood his ground with Sheldon on rules in the apartment, he was more honest with Penny (despite knowing a fight was ahead), and he even had a backbone against his frigid mother. His character growth was inspiring.

In season 1, the group's time at Caltech was shown but not as much as in later seasons. As scientists, Leonard and Sheldon's Internet research was applauded and the two were asked to talk about it at a conference. Sheldon also showed off his problem-solving skills in season 1 when a child prodigy threatened his research.

The scenes where the characters showcased their work were interesting for viewers, which is why the series got better when that part of their lives was highlighted more in later seasons.

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