Star Wars: The Clone Wars - One Quote From Each Main Character That Sums Up Their Personality

One of the many reasons that The Clone Wars is one of the most beloved pieces of Star Wars content out there is the cast of phenomenal characters who make the show what it is. Each of them has their unique personalities and roles to play in the series, exemplified perfectly through quotes from them, with every main character having at least one quote that truly sums them up.

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Most main characters undergo so much growth in the show; just look at Ahsoka or Ventress. Nevertheless, there remains at least one quote from each of them that brilliantly captures the essence and personality of the character.

Duchess Satine Kryze of Mandalore does not have a ton of appearances in The Clone Wars, but her importance cannot be understated. She is crucial to Obi-Wan's time in the show, to Mandalore, and to its people.

This quote not only showcases her fearlessness to criticize anyone who she feels has earned it, in this case, the man she loves and his Jedi Order, but also her articulate way of speaking and her strong, fierce opinions. While war does not get mentioned directly, her disgust at it gets implied in the quote, which is a huge part of her life at the time of the series.

Count Dooku is the most prominent villain on the show, and one vastly improved from the prequel trilogy thanks to his appearances in it. Exquisite, intelligent, and sinister, Dooku has a few quotes that showcase his villainy.

What makes this line so perfectly fitting for the character is how calmly and directly it is spoken. Dooku is smart in this instance, not animalistic like the likes of Savage and not overly hot-headed like Ventress or Maul, but still somehow vicious.

This line from Asajj Ventress on its own is not a perfect representation of the character but combined with the scene, and the moment it is spoken, it is her down to a tee.

It comes in a Catina where a patron persists and bothers her, trying to get the former Sith assassin to talk to him. She kills him in cold blood before uttering this line. This moment is a great representation of Ventress and her menacing, frightening presence between her time with Dooku up until when she is arguably redeemed.

Yoda is the central focus of the first episode of The Clone Wars, and it is in this episode that he offers up one of his wisest quotes and one that is a piece of wisdom perfectly summing the character up.

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It is a lesson, a moment in which he imparts knowledge to others, helping them grow and see things from another perspective. It also is a quote that talks about the importance of the mind and how that is more powerful than large numbers while also diminishing the importance of size.

Padmé is brilliant throughout The Clone Wars, consistently showcasing how great of a diplomat and leader she is. This line is an excellent summation of what she is all about.

Padmé never shies away from opposition, always willing to stand up for what she believes is right for the galaxy and her people. Not only is this line her plea with others to do just that, but what she says are things she has spent her life doing.

Maul's return initially raised a lot of eyebrows. It seemed impossible for the character to return in any sort of sensical way and for it to be worth it. Everyone was proved wrong. Maul proved to be one of Star Wars' best, most complex villains.

His reunion with Obi-Wan gave way to this quote which sums up a huge chunk of Maul's life and personality. He says it himself. His quest to kill Obi-Wan and his singular hatred kept him alive, not only after The Phantom Menace but also throughout the Clone Wars. Maul was obsessed.

The most popular and arguably most crucial clone character of The Clone Wars is Rex. His quote here from the famous Umbara arc is a representation of every named clone that fans grew to love.

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Rex and other clones learned this lesson through hardship and loss, but they realized it all the same; they are people, humans, flesh and blood, not droids. They think for themselves, they are their own people, they are brothers, and that comes before following orders, which is still vital to their core.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, as he so often is, is incredible throughout The Clone Wars, mainly through his dynamics with Anakin, Maul, and Satine Kryze, the latter two of whom are involved with this quote.

This line comes seconds before Satine Kryze's murder at the hands of Maul and showcases Obi-Wan's mental fortitude and resiliency as well as his unwavering faith in the light side of the Force. He never even came close to the dark side, no matter what he went through, no matter what Maul threatened him with. He would rather die than fall to it. The entire scene is goosebump-inducing, and Obi-Wan's always brilliant quotes such as this are a huge reason why.

There are a couple of different sides to Ahsoka Tano's personality. Her constant striving to do good and neverending kindness get shown in other great Ahsoka quotes, but the other side of her is best represented by this line, spoken during her duel with Maul.

Ahsoka always had confidence and charisma in the face of evil which is shown here. It is not cockiness; it is just who Ahsoka is. Even when she matured and grew up, she never lost that. Not only that, but this line comes when Maul notes her similarities to Obi-Wan, something she is not ashamed of. She is proud to her core to have learned from Obi-Wan and Anakin, two of her closest friends. She loved them and did not shy away from what they taught her.

Anakin Skywalker's whole character can get summed up by tragedy. His life is full of loss and pain. Throughout The Clone Wars especially, it is a constant internal struggle between his being a Jedi and his emotion.

When Ahsoka leaves the Jedi Order, he says this heartbreaking quote that fans know causes him so much pain. Anakin constantly thought about leaving, so he could embrace his love and attachment to Obi-Wan, Artoo, Ahsoka, and others as well as enjoy a fully open relationship with Padmé. On top of that, what makes this quote even better of a line to sum up Anakin is that he says it in a plea to Ahsoka so that he does not lose her like he lost so many other people.

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