Sister Wives: Everything To Know About Christine & Kody's Daughter Mykelti

Kody and Christine Brown have little in common since the demise of their marriage in Sister Wives, but one of the common denominators between the broken-up polygamists is their daughter, Mykelti. Although she's flown the nest and has a family of her own now, Mykelti remains a popular Brown child. From the announcement of her pregnancy to her controversial streams of income, here's everything there is to know about Christine and Kody's daughter, Mykelti.

Mykelti celebrated her 25th birthday on June 9, which establishes her as Kody's fifth eldest child of 18. Out of Christine and Kody's six kids, Mykelti is the second-oldest after Christine's first child, Aspyn. Although it can be easy to lose track of the individual Brown children due to the ever-expanding number of Kody's offspring, Mykelti's vibrant personality helps her stand out from the large crowd. Mykelti was only 14 years old when the polygamous family opted to share their stories on reality TV, and the daughter has found her own path in the decade since the Brown clan became a national sensation. While she might not be taking after her parents and embarking on a polygamist adventure, Mykelti's unraveling journey remains one of the most talked-about among Sister Wives fans.

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Although Kody and his sister wives are typically ecstatic to learn their children are gearing up to start families of their own, Mykelti received some pushback from her parents at first. During her time at the University of Las Vegas in October 2015, Mykelti started dating Tony Padron. The pair became close quickly and in under a year, Mykelti shared news of her engagement to Tony. Christine, Kody, and their fellow spouses were shocked by their daughter's sprint toward the altar, and Mykelti's parents even appeared to be against the wedding initially. Fortunately, Mykelti and Tony enjoyed a drama-free wedding day in December 2016. In the latest Sister Wives episode, Mykelti once again stunned her family by sharing news of her pregnancy. Now that Mykelti and Tony have proven themselves to be a responsible couple, Christine and Kody were nothing but overjoyed with the news of Mykelti's pregnancy.

On April 5, 2021, Mykelti gave birth to Kody's third grandchild, Avalon. Mykelti regularly shares pictures of her burgeoning baby girl achieving milestones and celebrating her first holidays on her Instagram. On top of posting pictures of her bundle of joy, Mykelti is also known to promote her unconventional businesses on her social media. Like her mother and Meri, Mykelti is known to support the controversial multi-level marketing business, LuLaRoe. The new mother sells clothing through her shop, Whimsical With Mykelti P. Although LuLaRoe has been slammed as a pyramid scheme, Mykelti remains an ardent supporter of her clothing business. In addition to selling fashion through LuLaRoe, Mykelti can be found on Cameo. For only $10, Sister Wives fans can purchase personal videos from Mykelti. As for Tony, Avalon's father started with a job in banking before quitting and pursuing a career as a streamer.

Despite Kody and Christine's concerns for their daughter, Mykelti appears to have her life all figured out. From raising a daughter to sticking to her variety of business ventures, Mykelti is building a solid life for herself and her blossoming family. Perhaps Christine will learn from Mykelti's ability to follow her heart as she distances herself from the Sister Wives patriarch.

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