Sister Wives: The Entire Saga Of Coyote Pass Explained

Kody Brown from Sister Wives was once very excited about the family's Coyote Pass land, which the family bought in Arizona, and it's time to share details about the property. The Browns purchased the land over two years and have yet to make any big moves. Fans just watched as they measured out five plots, but what are the real details behind this acreage?

Kody has continued to strike out when it comes to bringing his large plural family together. The patriarch's plan to connect the entire family on their Coyote Pass land is starting to look like another failure in the making, since no one can agree on who gets the pond. Kody's dream was to live off his own land, where his wives could live with him in one giant house or live in five different homes. As the years go by, fans are starting to think that Kody may be regretting the large purchase. He may even be pondering abandoning his dreams.

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As most Sister Wives fans are aware, the Brown family purchased a large piece of land in Flagstaff, Arizona, which they planned to settle down on. As of early 2021, two out of the four wives rent houses, while the other two purchased homes, including Christine Brown. The homes aren't really close together, and the wives have realized that they enjoy their separate spaces. Meanwhile, Kody often finds himself exhausted from the travel. Collectively, the Browns spent $820,000 on the land. However, ownership of the land doesn't appear to be split evenly among the family members. There are two smaller parcels of land and two larger parcels of land. Kody Brown is the part-owner of all four properties. In the most recent episode, TLC viewers have learned that the land has now been split into five plots, so Kody can also build his own home.

The worldwide pandemic exposed the clan's weakness, including their bitterness towards one another, and Coyote Pass has now become the Brown's Waterloo. Viewers see that no one agrees on which plot they want, especially since a manmade pond has been built. Janelle feels she should get the plot of land closest to the pond because she likes to garden, and divulged that she doesn't want Meri to have it because she doesn't do well with sharing. Kody blew his wife's minds when he revealed that he too wanted a home for investment purposes.

To this day, the Sister Wives cast has yet to break ground. Fans did recently see a water tank being installed, which will allow all of the houses to have running water. Coyote Pass is still barren in terms of lacking homes. With Christine out of the picture, a bigger question has been raised. Will Kody's third wife sell her plot, or will the family have to buy her out? Kody still seems a very long way from getting his dream homes built, and fans are seriously starting to doubt his intentions.

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Sister Wives airs Sunday at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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