Selling Sunset: Christine Quinn Covers Maroon 5 In Resurfaced Viral Video

Christine Quinn, one of the agents at the Oppenheim Group and a star of Selling Sunset, was discovered singing a Maroon 5 cover in a viral video posted on social media. Known as one of the fiercest agents in Hollywood and a fashion icon, Christine is bold and unwavering in her beliefs, both on and off-screen. While disliked by Selling Sunset fans, Christine has refused to let the opinions of others, whether it be her castmates or audiences, sway her life choices or presence on the series. Memorable since day one of the series, Christine is a powerful presence within the Oppenheim Group, one that is impossible not to enjoy seeing on the small screen.

With plenty of life changes, including marriage and motherhood, Christine has accomplished a number of feats, both on Selling Sunset and in her personal life. While the reality star has been defined by her cruelty at the office and her constant cravings for drama, Christine has shown a great deal of complexity as the series continues, Christine venturing into vulnerability in season 4. As the show moves forward towards season 5, fans can expect plenty of character development for Christine as she continues to make more enemies on the series and also show a softer side of her intense persona.

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Released by Cosmopolitan, Christine was found singing a cover of Maroon 5's "She Will Be Loved." Often associated with negative publicity, Christine proves to have a lighter side, performing a beautiful rendition of the throwback song, alongside her friend, LJ Bullen. Christine, who has been critiqued for her feuds with Emma Hernan, seems to have redeemed herself with her incredible vocal performance, casually singing in her comfiest clothes. Wholesome in nature, the video allows audiences to see a vastly different skillset from the real estate agent, void of Christine's superficiality on Selling Sunset.  While performed nearly 8 years ago, fans received a glimpse of nostalgia and were given a new perspective of Christine, one more tender and positive than what can be seen on the Netflix series.

Christine stunned followers and fans of the series with this found footage from her past. Singing one of Maroon 5's most popular songs from the 2000s, Christine has managed to gain positive reactions from fans after years of hate from media outlets and social media users. While she is far from redeemed for her past behavior and continued toxic behavior, Christine has worked towards telling a more positive narrative. A talented vocalist, Christine is full of surprises, managing to excel in a handful of mediums.

After a chaotic season of Selling Sunset, Christine's performance was a well-needed source of relief from the events of the series. With more drama on the rise in season 5 involving Christine and Emma's difficult past, the series has plenty of edgy, binge-worthy content coming to Netflix. While the Christine featured in the 2013 video is nearly unrecognizable from what audiences see today on Selling Sunset, her performance does provide some hope that a kinder, more genuine Christine is hidden underneath her lavish designer clothes and harsh makeup.

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Source: Cosmopolitan

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