Selling Sunset: Chrishell Talks ‘Transition’ In Relationship With Jason

Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause recently opened up about the progression of her relationship with Jason Oppenheim and how they transitioned from co-workers into a couple. Chrishell has come a long way from the woman she was in season 1, namely due to her divorce from Justin Hartley. Having to deal with that, along with all the drama at the Oppenheim Group, hasn't been easy for the reality star. But it seems she's finally found her person and she didn't even have to look very far.

Dating among co-workers seems to be a common thing at the Oppenheim Group. For example, Jason and Mary Fitzgerald used to be a thing and even share a dog together. Also, it's rumored that the ex-boyfriend Emma Hernan and Christine Quinn fought about all throughout Selling Sunset season 4 is none other than Peter Cornell, another agent working for the Oppenheim twins in the Sports and Entertainment division. So the women shouldn't be all that surprised that Chrishell and Jason are now in a relationship. And apparently, it wasn't all that big of a deal when they took the plunge.

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Chrishell told E! News that she feels more confident than ever with Jason and with her job at the Oppenheim Group. She admitted that at the beginning she had a "fake it till you make it" mentality when it came to work. "But with Jason, I just feel like the work/relationship dynamic, it's not as complicated as people would think because we were best friends before and we work together all the time. It just kind of felt easy," Chrishell added. While Selling Sunset fans saw Chrishell dabble in dating throughout season 4, it's very possible that most of season 5 will document this romantic transition and the other agents' thoughts about their couple-dom.

Chrishell and Jason went Instagram official in July 2021. Chrishell posted a carousel of pictures to her grid, showing her and Jason on vacation in Italy with other Oppenheim agents. One of the pics showed her and Jason snuggled up together on a yacht, leaving no question that they were indeed together. While season 5 might show some agents bristling at the new couple, in real life, her friends have been supportive of the romance. In October, Heather Rae Young said that Chrishell and Jason were best friends who fell in love and that they are always smiling. A real turn of events from the broken and divorced Chrishell of previous seasons.

Hopefully, fans will get to see how this all played out in the office on Selling Sunset next season. While there is bound to be just as much drama as ever, Chrishell herself has said that season 5 is all about redemption stories for each of the agents. Whether that means that Christine will finally be forgiven by the other agents or that Chrishell finally finds a relationship that makes her happy, the next season of Selling Sunset can't come soon enough for fans.

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