Sailor Moon's Sailor Saturn is Pure Perfection in New Cosplay

Warning! Potential spoilers for Sailor Moon below

In a stunning cosplay of Sailor Moon's Sailor Saturn from cosplayer Jahara Jayde, Hotaru Tomoe is brought to life in exquisite detail. Despite her usual shy personality, the powerful member of the Sailor Guardians of the Solar System packs an absolute punch when she's not struggling to keep her Mistress 9 form in control. Before she was taken over by the Death Busters, her appearance is much different as seen in the spectacular cosplay.

Sailor Moon is one of the most popular manga and anime of all time, as the Naoko Takeuchi series has captured the hearts of fans across the globe. The story follows the titular hero who is able to transform into Sailor Moon and leads a group called the Sailor Scouts who protect the solar system from the biggest threats in the universe. The manga has sold more than 35 million copies worldwide and has been adapted into multiple anime series, films, books, live-action series, and video games. The series is among the most influential manga and anime and resonated with readers and viewers, including outside of Japan, where it's nearly just as big. The characters of Sailor Moon still appear in different media nearly 30 years after making their debut.

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On her Twitter account, Twitch streamer and cosplayer Jahara Jayde (@jaharajayde) shared her gorgeous cosplay recreation of Sailor Saturn. The costume is pitch-perfect, as she recreates Sailor Saturn's purple choker, collar, gloves and skirt. Jayde also adds Sailor Saturn's flower petal-like shoulder pads that appear accurate to the manga and anime. On her giant red bow in the center of her cosplay, is her Pure Heart Crystals-like crystal. The look is capped off with beautiful makeup and accessories, including long earrings and a tiara.

Jayde is very passionate about Sailor Moon as she's not only done her own cosplay on Sailor Saturn, but she's done each of the Sailor Scouts. Each of the look features similar impressive details and a clear understanding of the characters. Check out the cosplays in the video below.

It's hard to argue that Jahara Jayde's Sailor Saturn isn't perfection. She manages to bring the Sailor Scout to life with stunning detail. Jayde is a superstar when it comes to Sailor Moon cosplays, so it's no surprise she absolutely nailed the Sailor Saturn look in such an impressive way.

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