RHOM: How Kim & Larsa Repaired Their Broken Friendship

Despite all the petty jabs on The Real Housewives of Miami, Larsa Pippen is opening up about repairing her friendship with Kim Kardashian. Larsa has come under fire on the show for her fallout with the Kardashians after years of being in their inner circle. Some of the RHOM ladies have even compared Larsa to Kim, claiming that she's actively trying to look like the SKIMS founder. So far, Larsa has taken all the shade in stride, saying that she and Kim are in a good place in their friendship.

It didn't look like Kim and Larsa would ever speak again after Larsa blasted the Kardashian-Jenner family members in the press. Fans were the first to notice the tension after the Kardashian sisters all unfollowed Larsa on Instagram. In the months that followed, Larsa finally broke her silence and did a tell-all interview blaming Kanye West for brainwashing Kim and the family because he apparently felt "threatened" by her. Overall, Larsa claimed Kanye was the drama starter who would call her at all hours of the night to complain about Kim. Larsa said that Kanye's calls became too much and she had to block his number. She then also revealed details about her history with Tristan Thompson that was sure to upset Khloe. Additionally, she blasted Travis Scott over his claims that Larsa tried to flirt with him behind Kylie Jenner's back.

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With all this tarnished history between Larsa and the Kardashian-Jenners, fans didn't expect Kim to forgive Larsa anytime soon. Alas, Larsa recently revealed that she and Kim have repaired their broken friendship. "Honestly, Kim and I are in a good place," Larsa told ET. "I love them, I love her. I wish nothing but great things for them. I feel like they wish nothing but great things for me." With Kim in the process of divorcing Kanye, it's likely that she was able to speak with Larsa and work out their differences. Kanye was the person who Larsa blamed for the fallout, so with the Yeezy founder out of the picture, Kim was able to speak to her friend freely and sort out any miscommunication that was keeping them separated.

Larsa and her kids used to spend a lot of time with the Kardashians. Larsa was often seen out partying with Kim and her sisters. When fans noticed that the Kardashians unfollowed Larsa, they wondered if Larsa was to blame. Meanwhile, Larsa didn't make things better when she bad-mouthed the famous family in the press. She also claimed to have been dating Tristan right before Khloe, so much so that Larsa claimed she even introduced Tristan to Khloe as someone she was seeing. On the other hand, Larsa said shortly after introducing them that she learned that they were dating.

Now that Larsa has returned to reality TV, she is back in the spotlight. Her co-stars are accusing her of trying to look like Kim, which Larsa says she expected. One guilty culprit is Adriana de Moura, who accused Larsa of returning RHOM only after the Kardashians "shunned" her. In turn, Larsa says Adriana is just looking for confrontation from her. "She likes to fight. She's one of those people that loves to be in a catfight," Larsa said, "She's got her claws out, and I feel like that was just an easy dig at me." Larsa will have to be ready for the shade, because The Real Housewives of Miami cast is coming for her. Adriana isn't the only one who thinks Larsa has changed. She's just the only one so far who has said it directly to her.

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