RDR Players Are Sharing Moments That Made Them Feel Genuinely Ashamed

There are a lot of terrible things players can do throughout the Red Dead Redemption games and now some fans are sharing which of their actions caused them to feel genuinely ashamed. The player base has remained strong for the series even though the last installment in the Red Dead series debuted over three years ago with Red Dead Redemption 2.

Rockstar's sequel to its popular 2010 western title is considered by many to be one of the most immersive open-world titles on the market to date. There are many different gameplay elements and story threads woven together to create this unique experience, but not all of them inspire the usual sense of accomplishment associated when playing most video games. The Red Dead Redemption series has its fair share of gut wrenching moments, both scripted and unscripted, and recently some fans engaged in a conversation sharing which of these moments hit them the hardest.

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Reddit user spicy_nipple_ kicked off the conversation by posing the initial question and sharing a story about how they were shook after accidentally killing an NPC that was just trying to do his job. It happened while the player was robbing stagecoaches and one of the witnesses kept running away. A misaimed shot proved to be more fatal than the player intended, causing them to feel horrible about what they had just done.

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Commenters contributed their own upsetting moments that caused a good portion of them to put the controller down. Many of these seemed to be accidents as a result of gameplay instead of some of the sad character narratives in Red Dead Redemption. Dogs and horses in particular seemed to be the unfortunate targets of players pressing the wrong button or moving into the wrong spot, accidentally causing the creatures serious harm.

While these actions on their own may just seem like simple gaming mistakes, they manage to stick with players long after the fact due to Rockstar's incredible attention to design detail. The emphasis on real world accuracy makes players feel to some degree like their accidents are actually affecting real people or animals instead of code. There are many little details, such as bullets being dented after they are fired or deer getting their antlers tangled in RDR2, and when these are all added up together, it creates a uniquely real experience that few other games have matched. This sort of attention from the developer has made the Red Dead Redemption titles some of the best realized gaming experiences on the market.

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