PS5 Trailer Confirms Deathloop Console Exclusivity End Date

Text featured in a new PS5 trailer confirms that Deathloop's console exclusivity will come to an end late in 2022. Sony and publisher Bethesda Softworks confirmed Deathloop's timed PS5 exclusivity in December 2020, news that landed months after Microsoft announced its plans to acquire Bethesda's parent company, ZeniMax Media.

PlayStation inked the third-party deal long before Microsoft entered the picture. The former's dealings with Bethesda also saw the two agree to a timed exclusivity for another upcoming title - Tango Gameworks' GhostWire: Tokyo. Allegedly, PlayStation additionally had an interest in picking up Starfield as a third-party exclusive; if true, Bethesda obviously wasn't willing to agree to whatever terms were exchanged. Now the spacefaring adventure from The Elder Scrolls studio will launch across PC and Xbox Series X|S platforms only. But Sony gets to hold tight to one Bethesda-published project for a little while longer, according to a new story trailer.

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As spotted by MP1st, the official Deathloop Twitter account uploaded a 80-second trailer whose opening card notes that the shooter's PS5 exclusivity ends in September 2022. A line of text at the bottom of the screen reads as follows: "Also available on PC. Not available on other consoles until at least 9/14/22." Since the listed date is exactly one year after Deathloop's worldwide release, it's safe to assume Sony's other deals with Bethesda will last 12 months, as well. The Deathloop trailer features in the following post, which also highlights the current sale on the PlayStation Store.

This confirms Xbox owners will have to wait another nine months or so to get their hands on Arkane Studios' most recent shooter. Notably, the title stars two assassins, Colt and Julianna, both of whom find themselves trapped in a timeloop on an island known as Blackreef. Though Deathloop doesn't count as a roguelike per se, it bears a few elements from the genre that make the experience hit or miss for some players.

Xbox players need not fret, though. Arkane Studios currently has its hands full with Redfall, an Xbox Series X|S console exclusive set to launch on an unspecified date in 2022. Arkane announced Redfall during E3 2021, teasing a multiplayer adventure starring vampire hunters in a post-apocalyptic world. Not much has been shown of the experience as of yet, but it sits atop many a most-anticipated games list for 2022.

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Deathloop is available to play now across PC and PS5 platforms.

Source: Deathloop/Twitter via MP1st

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