Pokémon: 10 Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Memes The Internet Is Losing It Over

The release of Pokémon's Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl has definitely had some hot takes. Whenever a new game comes out, fans are quick to complain, rave, and relate to each other about it.

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Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, especially, have gamers up in arms and formulating memes over both frustrating and comical elements of the game. The biggest complaint, and the most-memed issue, has been the design choices--but overall, fans have had some hilarious things to say in general.

10 You'll Still Buy My Game

As previously mentioned, the biggest complaint that players have had about BD and SP has been the design. The Chibi-style overworld characters have not been a hit among fans of the Pokémon games and franchise.

But, even if fans don't like the look of the game, they're still going to go out, get it, and spend hours and hours playing to completion--oftentimes more than once. After all, it's a re-release of an old-school favorite and fans are lucky it's not one of the Pokémon games that never made it to shelves.

9 The Grand Underground

Everything else is meaningless when Trainers get to the Grand Underground. The intricate system of tunnels, dig walls, and habitat rooms are so mesmerizing that gamers could be distracted down there for hours--and they are!

This post from the PokemonBDSP subreddit perfectly encapsulates that sentiment. There may be other prompts from the game to advance the story, like adventuring to one of the best cities in the Sinnoh region, but running around sledgehammering gems out of the walls and seeing all of the different underground Pokémon in the overworld is a welcome distraction.

8 A Bit More Experience Than You

It's always a fun time when you've played an old game so many times that you could do it in your sleep, only to have the revamped new character tell you that you're a novice.

Because these games are redesigned versions of the original Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, many players are already familiar with the storyline and characters. So, starting all over again and being treated like a newbie is like a slap in the face.

7 Want Your Bad Romance

Psyduck: Gaga guawa! Caption: Want your bad romance

One of the key parts of any Pokémon game, but especially BDSP, is going around to anyone and everyone and talking to them. This may be painstaking, but it can pay off in big ways. From rare Pokémon to berries, the people of the Sinnoh region give some amazing gifts.

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In addition to townspeople, players can also interact with the Pokémon that are out and about in the overworld. Most of the time, they'll make some cute Pokémon-themed noise, paired with a caption. This Psyduck must be a Lady Gaga fan, though, as its sound reads more like one of the singer's lyrics.

6 The Test Won't Be That Hard

After some gamers complained that the newer Pokémon games are too easy, the Trainer battles of BDSP  are like a pop quiz on material that wasn't covered yet. The Sinnoh gang is much more difficult than many players were expecting.

One Twitter user, @PkmBredrOniharu, even admitted, "I'm not proud, but I basically had to pay to be Cynthia." Cynthia, a fan-favorite character, seems to be especially hard to beat. Others are in agreement, it seems, because the matter has become meme material.

5 Where is Sylveon?

r/pokemonmemes - Where is Syiveon? Is she safe? Is she alright? It seems, Traditional Remakes have killed her Noooo000oo000000000o000gooo!

r/pokemonmemes is chock full of BDSP content for those wanting a good and hearty laugh or to cry with friends. This meme depicting Anakin crying out in agony perfectly represents the feeling that players had when they realized Sylveon was unattainable in the game.

Although the main focus of the game is the Sinnoh region, there are many Pokémon from other regions available to capture--even some version-exclusive picks for either game. Trainers can also get legendary Hoenn Pokémon like Regirock, Registeel, and Regice if they follow the right steps in the game. Unfortunately, though, the crowd favorite Sylveon can't be caught.

4 The Real Pokémon Diamond

Post image

Another gem from r/pokemonmemes is an ode to all those who prefer the classics over the originals. It may be a notion dedicated to hipsters, but sometimes the original versions of games have the nostalgia factor that the revamped versions are missing.

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This meme format, from the film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, is perfect for expressing this sentiment. It's also always funny when a meme is made from an otherwise very serious television show or movie because the context is totally opposite.

3 Nuzlocke Problems

According to Bulbapedia, a Pokémon database, The Nuzlocke Challenge is a set of rules intended to make playing any Pokémon game significantly more difficult, while also encouraging gamers to use Pokémon they normally wouldn't.

When forced to use unfamiliar Pokémon, trainers may discover that these new picks are some of the most underrated Pokémon of the Sinnoh region. Regardless, though, it can be exasperating to start the whole game over again, and this meme reflects that feeling.

2 Battle Tower Walrein Can't Hurt You

In the same vein of BDSP being much harder than other newer Pokémon games, the Battle Tower has proved pretty difficult for Trainers who get that far, especially if they're Nuzlocking and using some of the worst playthrough Pokémon of BDSP.

One particular guitarist Pokémon Trainer has a Walrein with only one-hit KO moves, making it incredibly hard to defeat it. To make things worse, if a player loses to the Walrein, they have to start over. As this Reddit user, Jurboa, says in a thread, "The Walrein in battle tower is the ultimate troll."

1 Choosing Chimchar Vs. Choosing Turtwig

A message to all Lucas mains when Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl releases

A solid Drake meme that's made appearances on r/pokemon, 9GAG, and other online forums is this one about strategically choosing the starting Pokémon at the beginning of the game. Players are able to choose between Chimchar, Turtwig, and Piplup,

Some players think that the choice should be canon to Pokémon lore, meaning Dawn would get Piplup and Lucas would get Turtwig, just like their real Pokémon in the anime series. This is purely for the devout canon Trainers, though, and doesn't affect gameplay too much (besides making it a bit more challenging upfront).

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