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Like in most games, players can change the settings in Pikmin Bloom, but the location of the menu is not immediately clear. For the most part, players will spend a lot of their time sending their Pikmin on expeditions for rewards or walking to grow more Pikmin for their Pikmin Bloom squad. Since Pikmin Bloom is a mobile game, players are likely to use their devices for more reasons than just playing games. Pikmin Bloom does allow players to alter some of the in-game settings for convenience, but finding the option to do that is hidden behind a few menus.

In the Settings tab in Pikmin Bloom, players are able to access a wide variety of accessibility options. For example, players are given the ability to adjust the music volume, sound effects volume, and vibration intensity separately. The different kinds of Pikmin all have different sounds that players might want to mute. If players want to listen to their own music from their mobile device, they can easily turn the Pikmin Bloom music off. Players can also change how Push Notifications are received.

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The Settings option is not available within the main menu of Pikmin Bloom. In order to find it, players will need to tap on the tab with their username and medal on the main screen. This will bring up the player's profile. Here, players will be able to see what remaining challenges they need to complete, access their friend's list, and find a list of all the medals they have collected. On the top right, players will be given the option to enter the Settings menu.

Within the Pikmin Bloom Settings menu, players are able to link third-party accounts to help save their progress. The options available are Google, Facebook, and Apple.

Arguably the most important setting is the Lifelog Activities option. If players scroll down in the Settings menu and find the Lifelog Activities box, they will want to make sure that it is toggled on. This feature allows the game to store the player's daily footprints as they move around. This enables the collection of items and Expeditions along the way. It essentially functions as a way to play the game without playing the game. Players can even do the Pikmin Bloom co-op mushroom challenge without needing to actively play.

Since Pikmin Bloom is all about counting the player's steps, turning the Lifelog Activities feature on is the best way to earn Pikmin fast. Players can also use this feature to help them plant Flowers while on walks. This will reward the player with coins that they can use in the shop to buy more items. Finding and experimenting with the options in the Settings tab can change Pikmin Bloom in a variety of ways to fit the player's personal playstyle.

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Pikmin Bloom is available now on iOS and Android.

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