Mission Impossible: The 10 Best Weapons In The Movies

Mission: Impossible is all about cool gadgets, spectacular action sequences, and an arsenal worth of high-tech weaponry. Ethan Hunt and his crew have been utilizing the very best weapons for years now, as have their criminal rivals. Most of the weapons in the franchise are grounded in real life, with just a few slight variations to speak of.

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Whether it's a sleek sniper rifle, a rugged and effective pistol, or an explosive hidden inside a piece of chewing gum, there's enough weaponry here to start the third world war, which is exactly what Hunt and his IMF team members are usually trying to prevent, in the first place.

While not a weapon per say, the Dan-Inject JM Standard used at the beginning of Mission: Impossible 2 could have easily been outfitted with the appropriate kill round. It's used by IMF members to fire a rocket down to Ethan Hunt, which contained the necessary information for his next big mission.

The weapon was built upon the original Dan-Inject tranquilizer rifle, but outfitted to fire a small rocket. In the film, the long barrel has been removed, and the rocket sits atop the weapon's scope base.

August Walker fires this machine gun during the final fight against Ethan Hunt in one of the most over-the-top action scenes of the Mission: Impossible franchise. The FN Minimi Para certainly proved to be a high-powered weapon that almost got the best of everyone's favorite hero as he had to duck and swerve to avoid being hit by the hundreds of bullets.

Luckily, Ethan managed to escape since Walker used it while they were in the air, which made it hard for him to get a proper shot. It also seemed to malfunction after a while too. However, if it was used while they were both on the ground, there could have been a different result.

As far as assault rifles go, the Heckler & Koch KH416C is one of the best to appear in the franchise. It builds upon the company's success with previous weapons like the MP5, which were known for their reliability.

It's the gun that super-cool MI6 agent Ilsa Faust uses during the confrontation with Ethan Hunt in Paris. Weighing 6.5 lbs, it's light enough to be gripped with one hand, making it a go-to weapon for a shady character riding a motorcycle during a high-intensity action sequence.

Mission: Impossible 2 focused heavily on the choreography of the action sequences, which meant that the weapons themselves were mostly standard issue and unremarkable by themselves. However, one weapon stood out from the pack - Sean Ambrose's Sphinx AT 2000 pistol.

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By itself, the Sphinx is just another handgun, but the AT-2000 came in a brilliant dual-tone finish with a bright, possibly nickel-plated body (flanked by a black grip, barrel, and safety mechanism).

SIG-Sauer pistols are known to be some of the most reliable guns in the franchise, and the P226 is one of the best. Ghost Protocol features multiple versions of this gun, but the SCT is by far the coolest.

Jane Carter uses it as her standard sidearm, and it's different from a regular P226 in several ways. The SCT features an extended magazine for extra firepower, plus forward cocking serrations and a longer front sight.

In the final act of Mission: Impossible, the highly intelligent IMF agent Jim Phelps assembles a Frankensteined Derringer out of various parts, which can be easily hidden, even during a bag search. He uses this weapon on board the high-speed bullet train, where he meets his end at Ethan Hunt's hand.

The Derringer was constructed out of various parts housed inside a portable radio. By themselves, each part looked inconspicuous and unworthy of attention, but when fitted together, they formed a makeshift weapon with more than enough stopping power to get the job done.

Every notorious bad guy needs a signature weapon, and Solomon Lane's SIG Pro SP2022 is a worthy contender. Lane outfits his SP2022 with a suppressor, making for a rather intimidating and effective sidearm.

It also works well with Lane's clandestine nature and his ability to slip into the shadows once his target has been taken out, making him one of the smartest characters in the Mission: Impossible franchise.

Secret agent movies are all about cool gadgets and ingeniously designed weapons, but few are as cool as the Alto Flute Rifle from Rogue Nation. It's a feature of the opera performance that takes place in Vienna when Ethan fights an assassin on top of some scaffolding.

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After taking out the rather large and burly fellow, Ethan grabs the Flute Rifle, and is forced to choose between two other would-be assassins. He uses the single bullet in the rifle to deliver a flesh wound to their intended target, temporarily spoiling the shot for both.

The Barrett M82A1 is one of the most lethal sniper rifles in the films and the franchise sports several of them mounted on a remote turret system with large ammo drums. Luther Stickell manually controls and fires the weapons using a computerized control system, which includes trackball mice for easy pivoting and aiming.

It operates on a semi-automatic recoil system, with multiple barrels and muzzle brake options. It also has a signature quick detach and adjustable bipod for ground-level sniper fire too, which proves to be useful when Ethan is trying to complete his mission quickly and efficiently.

One of the coolest weapons in the Mission: Impossible franchise was this simple-looking piece of gum, which was actually a powerful explosive in disguise. The chemicals required for the explosion were housed in the red and green portions of chewing gum, and when pressed together, the fuse would be lit.

Once activated, the gum had a five-second fuse before the explosion occurred. As could be expected, chewing this stick of gum would have been disastrous, which meant it was mainly used as a disguise for the actual explosive. Hunt first used this in the restaurant scene with Kittridge, after delivering one of the coolest Mission: Impossible quotes ever.

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