Marvel Nearly Made New Wolverine's Redesign Look Like A DC Villain

Warning! Potential spoilers for Avengers #50 by Marvel Comics

Earlier this month, Marvel Comics introduced a brand new evil version of Wolverine from the Multiverse who has a particularly menacing appearance. Named the Hound, the Multiversal Masters of Evil member is part of one of the most terrifying superteams in existence. However, the character almost had an entirely different costume that would have made him look a lot like a DC villain, The Batman Who Laughs.

Marvel's Multiversal Masters of Evil recently debuted in Avengers #50, setting the stage for the upcoming Avengers: Forever story arc by Jason Aaron and Aaron Kuder. The team was formed after Mephisto suggested to Doctor Doom Supreme that he fight back against Earth's Mightiest Heroes by forming his own squad of powerful villains from across the Multiverse. Doom handpicked his team of some of the evilest villains across different realities. Doom's team consists of Dark Phoenix (and her pet Wolverine), King Killmonger, Ghost Goblin, Young Thanos, and Black Skull. But, the group's version of Wolverine almost had a significantly different look.

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In concept art for the Hound by Aaron Kuder, different looks for the villain are showcased. The evil version of Wolverine almost had a mask with a few other options that covered his face. But, the most intriguing design is a spiked visor covering the Hound's eyes. The look is similar to DC's The Batman Who Laughs, who wears a similar headpiece. On the Multiversal Wolverine, the visor is just as menacing as the darkest version of Batman. But, considering how similar it is to the Batman Who Laughs, Kuder and Aaron made the right decision to go with a different design.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the concept art from Kuder is it seems they were considering making the Multiversal Masters of Evil a team of Phoenix Force-powered villains. In the design page, Destiny and the other villains are powered by one of Marvel's most powerful forces. Understandably, Aaron and Kuder opted not to make the team powered by the Phoenix Force, as it would have made them practically unstoppable - even against some of the strongest heroes from the Multiverse.

The design Aaron and Kuder ultimately chose for the Hound fits the evil version of Wolverine well. However, it would have been fun to see the villain get a look similar to The Batman Who Laughs. But, alas, the Multiversal Wolverine ended up with a look a bit more fitting for the character. Avengers #50 is in comic book stores now.

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