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Five new couples will be on Married at First Sight season 14, and fans want details about the setting for the upcoming installment of the show. Some people who follow the series are using the short break between seasons to fully recover from the explosive MAFS season 13 reunion. However, they are psyched up for more onscreen action, which will begin in early January. Here is everything to know about Married at First Sight season 14's filming location.

Married at First Sight follows several strangers who are paired up by expert matchmakers, and these cast members meet their spouses for the first time when they exchange vows at their weddings. The singles cast in the series have not found love using conventional methods, so they've decided to take leaps of faith by marrying people they don't know. Though MAFS does not have a great success rate, and its experts get criticized for their ill-fated matchmaking, the show certainly brings the drama. This binge-worthy series first premiered in 2014, and to date, only twelve couples have stayed together after Decision Day.

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Married at First Sight has changed its filming location several times over the seasons, reaching hopeful singles across the U.S. The show started in The Big Apple, with the first two seasons taking place in New York City. Since its premiere, couples from Atlanta, South Florida, Chicago, Dallas, and other American places have found love. Last season had an especially low success rate, with only one couple, Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel Jr., choosing to stay together.

Season 13 was filmed in Houston and the show moved up north for its next season. Many viewers remember that fan favorites Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre found love on Married at First Sight season six in Boston, Massachusetts. Season 14 is back in Boston, where fans will hopefully find a new Shawniece and Jephte type of relationship to root for. There are also rumors that Married at First Sight season 15, which is likely to air in late 2022, will take fans to San Diego on the West Coast.

Season 14's Matchmaking Special will air on December 29, giving fans a closer look at all of the couples and their qualities that make them a good fit for one another. This season's cast includes Alyssa and Chris, Jasmina and Michael, Katina and Olajuwon, Lindsey and Mark, and lastly, Noi and Steve. Olajuwon revealed that he learned about Married at First Sight from season 6's Jephte. The two were college classmates. After hearing about Jephte's success on the show, he decided to give it a shot as well. Fans are hoping that Olajuwon has just as much luck with his new wife, and they are also hoping for a Jephte and Shawniece appearance.

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