Manifest: Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Returning on Netflix soon, Manifest has a plethora of characters that are crucial to the plot. While most of their birthdays and zodiac signs are unknown, there are so many ways to see which character fits which sign best.

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People with certain zodiac signs might be drawn to certain characters, empathizing with their choices and actions. While not all of the characters in this show embody the best traits of the signs, they are human enough for people to align with them.

Natural born leader, fearless, and a go-getter are a few ways to describe the true Aries of Manifest, Ben Stone. His birthday landing on April 13th lives in the scope of the Ram, and his critical necessity as the main character obsessed with the callings shows the true dynamism and enthusiasm of an Aries.

He's self-assertive and dedicated to his search for the truth, taking on more than he can handle at times but willing to try out anything, as any Aries or Aries-ruled person would.

The twins, Cal and Olive Stone are known to have an April 19th birthday, living on the cusp of Aries and Taurus. Aside from a resistance to change that doesn't apply to Olive, she carries the reliable, down-to-earth loyalness of a true Taurean. Constantly devoted, Olive picks up so many tasks to help her family with the callings, like analyzing a bunch of archaeological artifacts.

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As a daughter, she offers a lot of support to her mom, Grace, especially in the years without Ben and Cal - but still manages to show the stubbornness of any Taurus. From meeting Danny to being allowed to help with the callings, Olive's hard-headedness really benefits her in the long run.

The two-faced stigma tied to Gemini's is beautifully demonstrated by Angelina, the main villain of season 3. Initially coming off as innocent, she tries to practically become Olive (in true Gemini rivalry fashion) and tries to kill the Stones' newborn baby in a fire.

Known as one of the lesser emotionally stable signs, Angelina quickly demonstrates this during her stay with the Stone family and eventually murders Grace, adding to the "dangerous" title often attached to the sign.

Cancers are heavily known to be emotional and vulnerable, and Zeke is the perfect example of just that. He cares deeply about the people around him and is very intuitive to others' emotions, especially Cal's (even if they are telepathically connected somehow). He envelops these traits so strongly that he eventually became the designated empath, literally gaining empathic powers.

Existing as one of the most family-oriented signs, Zeke had embraced the Stones like family as quickly as he could and went to great lengths to protect them, like sacrificing his last few moments alive to save Cal.

Robert Vance only falls short in Leo tendencies in regard to loving attention, and while it may seem like a core trait of Leo's, it's really their leadership and drive that aligns with Vance more than anyone else.

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With so much ambition guiding this sign and Vance, his loyal tendencies show viciously from staying/getting arrested in Cuba to save Ben and especially in season 3 with his efforts to figuring out the science behind the flight and its passengers.

Not only was The Major a perfectionist, but her work ethic and reputation spoke volumes for her Virgo-like tendencies. Constantly appearing as cold, Virgos and The Major alike are not prone to vulnerability. In fact, the only time viewers see any emotion aside from perilous is in The Major's moments prior to death and in memory by her daughter.

Still waters run deep and Virgos are very hard to read; The Major was no exception to this and it's what made her so good at her job and at posing as Saanvi's therapist. Attentive and dedicated, The Major is the perfect example of a go-getting, independent Virgo woman.

Although Libras are represented by the scales and should represent balance, real Libras live in constant chaos within their own mind and Dr. Saanvi Bahl is the perfect example of this. Appearing sporadic at times, Saanvi's entire plotline revolves around a greater good of finding answers and cures for the 828 passengers.

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Ultimately, Saanvi not only looks out for everyone else at the expense of herself at times, but she carries a natural love for the people around her and for life, despite everything she goes through.

Jared's immense love and devotion for Michaela came with lots of baggage, like a true Scorpio, also allowing him to be one of the show's low-key villains. Carrying natural intense energy, Scorpios are typically one of if not the most understood zodiac sign. Their overwhelming feelings are sometimes their demise but just like the Phoenix, they burn themselves down and then revive from the ashes.

Super committed to family and love once their heart is won, that's what makes Jared's attachment to Mick so strong and dangerous. A Scorpio's depth is a beautiful character trait but to a fault.

Existing as the pinnacle of independence but secretly soft and craving security is a Sagittarius woman. Attempting to make sense of everything after Flight 828's return, Grace Stone is plagued with major life changes, again. As a true Sagittarius, she aims for perfection and stability, but holds a strong sense of judgment toward herself, especially as a mother and a wife.

Having to leave her potentially great relationship with Danny in light of the flight's return and choosing the priority of family is one of the best things Grace ever did. Showing true devotion to her children and the callings exemplified the true nature of a restless and dedicated Sagittarius.

Entering the show as a relatively new character, Drea Mikami quickly fit nicely into the plotline as Michaela's new partner. She doesn't necessarily carry the natural pessimism of most Capricorns, but her ambition and curiosity speak volumes for her alignment with this sign.

Known for being sincere and low-key people, Capricorns can also be very stubborn and determined to know the unknown -- making Drea's drive that much higher. They are hard-working and most importantly reliable, allowing for the other characters to trust Drea so willingly and easily.

Ranking as the most likable character of the series, Michaela is definitely a strong and dominant Aquarius. While sometimes standoffish, Aquarians value truth above everything and despite all the ups and downs Mick has endured, she endlessly seeks the truth whether as a cop or in regard to the callings.

Aquarians often fear vulnerability and the few times viewers are able to see Mick show those emotions are thanks to her family and love interests, especially Zeke. Super tolerant and independent, Mick is the true Aquarius of the series.

Cal is super creative and emotionally in tune, just like a dreamy Pisces. He understands the callings and the emotions of the other characters more than anyone else, so much so that he runs away to find Zeke just because somehow, they're connected.

He's quick to forgive and sees the good in everyone, and his imagination and natural artistic talent prove to be critical for the cast in solving the callings.

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