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Lost Judgment has emerged as another major hit for Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, as the further adventures of detective Takayuki Yagami continue to delight fans. With excellent gameplay that surpasses the original as well as a gripping story, it deserves its accolades. Alongside the RPG-styled Yakuza: Like A DragonLost Judgment proudly carries the torch for its iconic developer.

One major part of the game's success would be the main character himself, Yagami. It is true that a good game usually needs a good hero to carry it, and Yagami goes above and beyond what is required to be a phenomenal hero. Lost Judgment shows Yagami at his best, placing him alongside Kiryu and Ichiban as a protagonist that Ryu Ga Gotaku Studio can be proud of. As the game goes on, he finds more ways to endear himself both as a daring protagonist as well as a person, bringing the player along for the ride.

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One thing that sets Yagami apart from previous RGG frontmen is that he is not involved with the world of organized crime, instead being on the opposite side of the law as a private detective, having previously operated as a defense attorney. That isn't to say that he has no relationship with Kamurochō's criminal underworld at all - despite Lost Judgment having no Yakuza cameos, Yagami's best friend and business partner Kaito is an ex-yakuza, and one of his respected father figures was a yakuza patriarch. Despite this, in Lost Judgment, Yagami's sense of justice shines. The only vaguely thuggish qualities he possesses are being hard-nosed and incredibly tough, which can just as easily be admirable traits, especially the way he portrays them.

Of course, one place that Yagami definitely fits in with RGG's other heroes is in terms of courage and ability. Although he doesn't have Kiryu's long history of street fights, his own skills make him a force to be reckoned with against any opponent, be they thugs on the street or seasoned criminal masterminds. Not only that, but he is willing to take any risks in order to close a case. Many times he has very little to gain, at least directly, from helping someone out. However, his sense of justice refuses to let him walk by someone in need. In its action gameplay sequences, Lost Judgment proves that Yagami is Kiryu's equal in a fight - at least in competence if not style - as well as a deeply honorable man.

That brings up one of Yagami's final and most honorable traits. He may be a tough man, but he is also very empathetic. A good example of this appears during the story, when he takes a job at a high school in order to collect evidence. However, despite the job just being a cover for him, he becomes incredibly invested in wanting to help the students with their problems, and becomes quite protective of them. Yagami isn't just trying to find the truth because it's his job - he does it because he's a good man who wants to protect the innocent because it's simply the right thing to do. Showing Yagami in his softer moments, such as when he befriends a cat in Lost Judgment, shows he's a well-rounded character.

Yagami is the kind of hero that RGG needs, and he raises Lost Judgment above its already high standard by being a fantastic hero. Strong, determined, and principled, Yagami stands out as a man of justice in the often morally grey worlds that RGG has created in the past. Hopefully, the success of Lost Judgment will lead to further games in the series, because Yagami has set a standard for RGG protagonists that will be difficult to match.

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