Labyrinthos Aether Current Locations in FFXIV Endwalker

While most of the Aether Currents in Labyrinthos in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker are floating out in the open, a few are hidden in obscure locations, making them a bit challenging to spot. Similar to Elpis, Labyrinthos is divided into three main sections. As the player progresses the story, they will eventually be able to unlock these areas of the map. In particular, fans must complete the Endwalker quests "The Medial Circuit" and "Going Underground" to gain access to Labyrinthos's entire zone.

The Aether Compass is an excellent tool for scanning the distance to the nearest Aether Current. Therefore, those who are having trouble getting directions to the next current can use the compass from their Collections Menu. Endwalker fans should also keep in mind that even though they successfully attune to all of the Aether Currents in Labyrinthos, they must still complete the additional five side quests needed to complete attunement for flight.

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The first Aether Current in Labyrinthos is located to the north of Mornveil Forest at X: 28.4, Y: 6.1, Z: 4.3. Final Fantasy XIV players can head up the elevated slope and towards the two trolls on the east. The whirling orb is near the edge behind the two enemy mobs. Next, go to Mitato in The Medial Circuit. At X: 15.1, Y: 13.5, Z: 3.0, on the platform overlooking two small buildings, players can find another current. Another Aether Current can be found in front of the windmill at Pneuma at X: 22.1, Y: 15.7, Z: 2.9.

The next two Labyrinthos Aether Current are on the east side of Mornveil Forest. Endwalker fans can discover one of them by going to the watermill and following the small river upstream to a waterfall. On the cascade's west side at X: 31.4, Y: 16.1, Z: 2.9, players can find another Aether Current location in Endwalker. Afterward, players can go to the underground tunnels of The Thirty-third Facet at X: 36.4, Y: 22.8, Z: 3.3 to find the fifth Aether Current.

Another Labyrinthos current is hidden behind a tower within The Central Circuit at X: 22.4, Y: 25.0, Z: 1.9. Now, head north to X: 17.9, Y: 16.6, Z: 2.1, and attune to the Aether Current overlooking a structure spouting purple steam. Nearby, to the west of this area, a current orb sits at X: 11.3, Y: 19.0, Z: 2.0, hidden behind a rocky hill. Next, south of the Medial Circuit, a current can be found on a small ledge beside a dirt path. Finally, the hunt in FFXIV Endwalker for Aether Currents in Labyrinthos ends with the last orb situated at X: 18.9, Y: 35.0, Z: 2.0 atop an elevated surface.

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The Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker expansion is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam or Square Enix's official website.

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