Kim Wexler Actress Says Better Call Saul Season 6 Will Be Devastating

Better Call Saul season 6 will be devastating, according to actress Rhea Seehorn. The show is currently filming its final season, which has been underway since March and since then, there have been many teasers from the creators and its stars about the events that will occur. This series has been synonymous with its connection to its predecessor series, Breaking Bad, due to the character of Jimmy McGill, who fans know as Saul Goodman in the spinoff series, and his journey to becoming a "criminal" attorney, along with the path of Mike Ehrmantraut working for Gus Fring.

While Breaking Bad was a show known for its action scenes and brutal violence, Better Call Saul is more subdued in its storytelling, focusing more intently on its characters and development. Additionally, the premise of the prequel involves Jimmy in courthouses and law firms and Mike spending more time with his granddaughter rather than being heavily involved in the drug cartel or criminal activities. However, as the seasons progressed, the show has grown in its action scenes while also balancing the character and thematic components. The action is sure to continue as Rhea Seehorn, who portrays Kim Wexler, a colleague lawyer who helps Jimmy with his cases and later becomes his wife in the latest season, recently teased that Better Call Saul season 6 will "blow people's minds."

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Seehorn has now taken the liberty to confirm on her social media that the final season of Better Call Saul will be "devastating" when asked by a fan to give one word on it. Seehorn has already disclosed that it would be split into two halves and was careful not to elaborate or reveal any other details regarding the upcoming sixth season. Her post can be viewed below:

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While many hints have been given about the final season of Better Call Saul, the storylines are kept under wraps. However, many can see the red flags for the characters' impending doom on the show, most notably Kim, who has been steadily lured into Jimmy's world of deception and crime, even despite Jimmy's concerns and reservations. Better Call Saul season 5 ended on several intense fronts that certainly the final season will answer for. This includes Kim swaying more towards the dark side with Jimmy in taking down Howard Hamlin, and the rise of the war between Gus and Lalo Salamanca, with Nacho Varga caught in the battle after turning on the latter, so it will be interesting to see the fates of all of them.

Because of the knowledge that Kim does not appear at all in Breaking Bad, many fans wonder what will become of Kim in the series. Despite the pacing of the last five seasons, the show has slowly and surely continued to connect events and characters from its predecessorAnd with the events of the previous season finale and the flash forwards that open each season, it is certain that Better Call Saul will veer towards the ruthlessness and tragedy as it inches closer to the Breaking Bad timeline. More information is soon to come and it will be exciting to begin the endgame when the devastating Better Call Saul season 6 arrives in the coming months.

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