Justice League's New Team Is Killing Off One of DC's Most Powerful Heroes

Warning: contains preview cover for Justice Incarnate #4!

Doctor Multiverse is one of DC’s newest and most powerful heroes, and the most recent recruit to the Justice Incarnate, the Justice League of the Multiverse. In a special first look at Gary Frank’s cover to Justice Incarnate #4, on sale in print and digital February 1st, Doctor Multiverse is about to explode—a move that could spell certain doom for the Multiverse.

At the conclusion of Dark Nights Death Metal, the Multiverse was remade, and the existence of the larger Omniverse was revealed. Darkseid, now having assumed his ultimate form, is seeking to harness the powers of the Great Darkness. The embodiment of primordial evil, the Great Darkness exists at the Omniverse’s edges, and Darkseid will stop at nothing to have it for himself. The recently concluded Infinite Frontier miniseries saw the Lord of Apokolips make his first moves, using Barry Allen (the Justice Incarnate’s newest recruit) to attempt to open a crack in the Multiverse, giving him access to the Great Darkness. The Justice Incarnate confronted Darkseid, and during the conflict, Doctor Maya Chambers of Earth-8 was bombarded by strange energies, giving her fantastic powers as well as making her one of the most powerful heroes in the Multiverse. If the cover to Justice Incarnate #4 is any indication however, her time may already be drawing near. The issue is written by Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver, with art by Chris Burnham and Andrei Bressan.

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DC has provided Comic Book Resources with a first look at Justice Incarnate #4’s cover by Gary Frank. Doctor Multiverse, clearly in agony, is overflowing with energy, radiating out of her in the “Kirby Krackle” effect. The solicitation, also provided to CBR, reveals that Doctor Multiverse has discovered a threat even greater than Darkseid—which may force the Lord of Apokolips into an uneasy alliance with Justice Incarnate. The solicitation also promises that a member of the team will die.

The solicitation is coy on who is going to die, leading to the question: will Doctor Multiverse die? Her agonized look on the cover would certainly lead readers to think so, but is this a red herring? The Justice Incarnate has already lost two members: Machinehead, who betrayed them to Darkseid, and Barry Allen, lost and imprisoned somewhere deep in the Omniverse—can they stand to lose any more, especially in light of Darkseid’s advances?

And what threat could possibly be worse than Darkseid? The Lord of Apokolips recently assumed his ultimate form, one capable of killing powerful characters such as Hera and the Spectre—how could anything be worse? Could this evil actually be the Great Darkness that Darkseid has been seeking? If the Great Darkness is of such a scope that the Justice Incarnate must team up with Darkseid to stop it, it would indicate the Lord of Apokolips has found an evil power so great even he cannot contain it. The cost of this discovery might just be the life of Doctor Multiverse, the most powerful member of DC's new Justice League.

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