Hulk Gets Torn to Shreds by Totoro in Hilarious Ryan Ottley Art

The instantly iconic Hayao Miyzazaki movie My Neighbor Totoro from Studio Ghibli has given rise to plenty of adorable fan art over the years, but a recent drawing by comic book artist Ryan Ottley (Invincible) depicting the innocent forest spirit viscously dueling Marvel Comic's Hulk is sure to raise some eyebrows. Ryan Ottley is the artist behind the latest relaunch of the Jade Giant's epic story, and the Hulk's recent reality-hopping adventures make this battle seem frighteningly possible.

My Neighbor Totoro debuted in 1988 as the third feature film from Studio Ghibli and very quickly became a massive fan favorite, eventually gaining a massive cult following, with the forest spirit Totoro becoming the logo and mascot for the popular studio. The animated film - hugely inspired by Shinto folklore and philosophy - focused on the two young daughters of a professor, Satsuki and Mei, as they move to a post-war rural community in Japan and befriend a series of wood spirits, namely Totoro. Totoro acts as a protector of sorts for the girls, along with the infamous "Catbus," and helps them as they process their mother's sickness and their acclimation to rural life.

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On the surface, there is not much similarity between Totoro and the Hulk, but underneath the top layer, it is clear that both franchises rely heavily on philosophy and "spirits" to establish their main characters' current psychological and emotional state. Ryan Ottley is the new artist for Hulk's latest reboot - Hulk #1 written by Donny Cates of King in Black fame - and he has not shied away from portraying the Hulk and Bruce Banner as truly terrifying monsters in their own right. The new series has its fair share of fans of critics, but one thing that no one can disagree on is that Ottley's art is gorgeous and evocative. In a tweet shared by Ottley's art representative, Felix Comic Art, Felix shared the amazing drawing of Totoro fighting Hulk with the caption, "A crazy idea Ryan dreamt up that he had to put paper... and we're all glad he did!" 


The drawing depicts a truly deranged-looking Totoro furiously attacking Hulk with his claws. It seems the ancient wood spirit is more than holding his own because Totoro does not seem to have a single injury while the Hulk looks like he has been absolutely torn to shreds. This duel might seem like an impossible pairing, but in Ottley and Cates' new Hulk series, Bruce Banner is literally piloting the Hulk as if he is a starship, traveling through alternate dimensions, leaving a trail of blood and destruction in his wake.

In some alternate dimension is there a downright brutal Totoro waiting to take on the Hulk in a fight to the death? Fans can only hope. Regardless of if this fight is "possible," it is certainly a treat to see two massive pop-culture icons battling it out in comic art style. Ryan Ottley's gorgeous artwork brings this battle to life and offers fans of Hayao Miyazaki's classic film My Neighbor Totoro a new and (wonderfully) violent direction for the beloved character of Totoro. Fans will have to keep up Ryan Ottley and Donny Cates newest Hulk series to see what multiversal battles the Hulk does get himself into in the coming months.

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