Hawkeye Wasted Its Best Reveal (And Ruined Echo's Spin-Off)


Warning: this article contains SPOILERS for the Hawkeye finale!

The Hawkeye season 1 finale, episode 6, finally showed Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin return to action, after teasing his arrival since episode 3, but he last few minutes of the finale wasted this highly anticipated reveal. Ever since the first Hawkeye trailer showed Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) taking on the Tracksuit Mafia and Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox), speculation regarding Kingpin's MCU revival took the internet by storm. The show continued to hint towards D'Onofrio reprising his role until episode five, when audiences finally caught a glimpse of Fisk himself.

Kingpin finally joins in on the action in Hawkeye episode 6, "So This Is Christmas?", as he attempts to kill Kate's mom, Eleanor Bishop (Vera Farmiga) for blackmailing him. However, one of the last scenes of the finale leaves viewers bewildered, as it seems as though the Kingpin is killed by Maya as revenge for her father's murder. Potentially killing Fisk was an unexpected move on Marvel's part, since fans have been demanding his return for years, and only got to see him for less than 20 minutes of screen time.

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If The Kingpin is truly dead, then Hawkeye wasted the reveal it has been teasing since before the show premiered. What is more concerning, however, is the Echo spin-off show officially announced by Marvel Studios on Disney+ Day. Echo getting her revenge against the Kingpin is arguably her most compelling story arc in the comics, and it's been widely assumed that the show will be inspired by that arc, something that has been made impossible by the events of Hawkeye's finale—assuming, of course, that the villain is actually dead.

Throughout the show, Clint Barton has indirectly mentioned the Kingpin numerous times, always stating that he would prefer it if the 'big guy' does not get involved. This insinuated that the Kingpin was a force to be reckoned with, which the finale disproved by having Kate Bishop take him on and win singlehandedly. Nonetheless, killing Fisk after a minor role in the MCU is a weird move, especially when his return was one of the biggest selling points of the show.

Moreover, it's hard to imagine the Echo series working without the Kingpin, as he has such a big role in her life both in the comics and the MCU. Kingpin's death created Echo's biggest problem, which is finding a villain as compelling and multi-dimensional as Wilson Fisk, a role not many characters from Marvel Comics can fill. Admittedly, the Kingpin was shot off-screen during Hawkeye's finale, leaving his death unconfirmed. Since Marvel Studios expect audiences to believe he is indeed dead, could they be setting up another reveal for the Kingpin down the line?

Seeing Kingpin killed so soon after his MCU debut was jarring to say the least, especially considering how long audiences have waited for his return. What makes the decision to kill him even more absurd is that his reveal coincided with Charlie Cox's very brief return as Matt Murdock/Daredevil in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Killing Kingpin wasted the reveal Hawkeye has been setting up for over a month, and left the Echo show without its main villain; whether Echo will be forced to find a Kingpin replacement or Marvel is setting up another surprise comeback for the character remains to be seen.

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