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Halo Infinite is the best entry in the series for new players, as its free-to-play multiplayer and open world campaign provide a great jumping-on point. Although the campaign requires prior knowledge of the other Halo games to understand completely, the multiplayer mode is a great stepping stone into the world of Master Chief. Especially for younger gamers who may have grown up with Minecraft and Fortnite, the free-to-play aspect of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is an enormous draw for the franchise, which has become noticeably stilted over the past decade.

Halo's creators, Bungie, left Microsoft following the release of Halo: Reach, leaving 343 Industries to take over the franchise. However, this was transition wasn't as smooth as fans may have hoped, and Halo 5, while worth playing before Infinite, specifically received quite a bit of criticism when it launched in 2015. Because of the limited success of Halo 4 and 5, as well as the volatility of the early era of the Xbox One, what was once a staple of the first-person-shooter genre seemingly began to lose relevance, with competitors like Call of Duty and Battlefield steaming ahead.

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Both with its campaign and multiplayer, however, Halo Infinite has managed to rejuvenate Halo. With that rejuvenation comes an influx of new players who may have never touched a Halo game before, and, luckily, Halo Infinite is the best place to jump in. The multiplayer is especially appealing, making it not only a marquee title for the Xbox Series X and Series S, but also a perfect introduction to the franchise.

Halo Infinite’s free multiplayer makes it easier than ever for curious gamers to jump into the franchise without feeling like they need to make a big commitment. This is important too because Halo Infinite is now competing with other incredibly popular multiplayer games, like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone, unlike the days of LAN parties in the early 2000s, where Halo was unique in the console market. The multiplayer doesn’t require any previous Halo knowledge, either. It’s extremely easy for anyone who might not even know who Master Chief, Cortana, or the Forerunners are to create an account, start a match and figure out how to play the game as long as they have a basic understanding of shooters already.

Halo Infinite's campaign is on Xbox Game Pass as well, and if a new player discovers an interest in the series after playing the multiplayer mode, there’s not much of a barrier to play through the open world story mode. While it will definitely be difficult to understand the entirety of the Halo Infinite campaign without any prior Halo knowledge, it’s still the most approachable the franchise has been in years. The combination of a free multiplayer mode and a campaign on Game Pass makes it easy to entice new players to the series, hopefully convincing them to stay for future installments, and maybe even revisit earlier entries.

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