Hailee Steinfeld Hugs Pizza Dog In Ronin Costume In Hawkeye BTS Image

An adorable behind-the-scenes photo from Hawkeye shows Hailee Steinfeld cozying up to Lucky the Pizza Dog while wearing the Ronin costume. The latest MCU miniseries for Disney+, Hawkeye picks up one year after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Jeremy Renner reprises his role as Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye, who is forced to confront enemies from his past as the vigilante Ronin. Steinfeld stars as Kate Bishop, a self-taught archer who teams up with Barton after an unlikely encounter. The six-part series debuted on Disney+ on November 24.

Now on its third episode, Hawkeye explores Barton's backstory from the time he went rogue during the five-year period after Thanos' snap. Aside from Steinfeld's Bishop, it introduces other new characters from villains to family members and one lovable sidekick: Lucky the Pizza Dog. The four-legged, one-eyed pooch takes inspiration from the pizza-loving stray dog who Barton rescues in the Marvel comics. In Hawkeye, it was Bishop who saved the pup in episode 1 while escaping from the Tracksuit Mafia. He's been tagging along with the duo since then and is now a fan-favorite character.

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A BTS photo shared on Instagram by the Pizza Dog himself, whose real name is Jolt, shows Steinfeld bonding with him while in character. The 24-year-old actress is dressed in the Ronin suit which she recovered at a black-market auction as seen in Hawkeye's pilot episode. The adorable picture now has over 13,000 likes, mostly from Marvel fans who have been enamored by the Golden Retriever. Check out the two's sweet moment below:

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With family and Christmas as its theme, it is evident that Hawkeye is a shift from past Marvel series such as Loki. Pizza Dog's inclusion definitely adds cheer and warmth to the series' story and should bring out another side of the main characters. The dog has also been stealing the hearts of fans since his entry into the MCU. Steinfeld herself is smitten by the four-year-old animal actor and recently posted a picture of their cute bonding during the show's downtime.

With three episodes in, Hawkeye has yet to reveal what Clint Barton's MCU future will be in terms of Phase 4. It is safe to assume that the series serves as an introduction to Steinfeld's character, who will likely be a mainstay in the franchise as a Young Avenger. Hopefully, Lucky the Pizza Dog survives in the series so he can stay as Bishop's sidekick and Marvel's unofficial mascot. He may not be the show's main character, but it's clear that the dog is a real star in his own right and a true scene-stealer.

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