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What happens at the end of Great White and does anybody survive the movie? When Steven Spielberg made a very splash with Jaws back in 1975, filmmakers realized a man-eating shark can add a unique element of terror to a horror movie. Since then, shark survival horror movies like The Reef or The Shallows have preyed upon viewers' very real fears of the great deep and the fearsome predators that dwell there.

Great White is the latest movie to enter the shark horror sub-genre. Directed by Australian filmmaker Martin Wilson, the movie was released in 2021 and boasts the same production team that was behind fellow shark attack movie thriller 47 Meters Down. The film follows seaplane business owners Kaz (Katrina Bowden) and her boyfriend Charlie (Aaron Jakubenko) as they’re commissioned by wealthy tourists Joji (Tim Kano) and his wife Michelle (Kimie Tsukakoshi) to take them to the picturesque - but forebodingly named - Hell’s Reef to spread Michelle’s grandfather’s ashes.

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The quartet heads off on their travels with cook Benny (Te Kohe Tuhaka) in tow, but the trip takes a dark turn when they arrive at the reef only to discover a washed-up corpse of a man who appears to be the victim of a shark attack. The group learns from the man’s cell phone that he and his girlfriend were yachting and head off in the seaplane in hopes of saving her, but soon find themselves at the mercy of two great white sharks who sink the seaplane and force the group to retreat to a flimsy life raft.

As Great White progresses, the group is picked off one by one by the sharks. Benny and Joji are killed first, leaving Kaz, Charlie and Michelle struggling to survive as their raft starts to deflate. Charlie manages to kill one of the sharks with the help of a flare and a knife to its eye but is soon attacked and killed by the remaining great white. Kaz and Michelle take refuge on a rusting, partially submerged shipwreck but do either of them make it out of Great White alive?

Great White isn’t a shark horror movie with many survivors, but yes – Kaz and Michelle do survive their ordeal. When the shark knocks the pair into the water, Kaz hides in the submerged part of the shipwreck but almost drowns trying to escape the predator. Luckily, Michelle appears and resuscitates Kaz giving her strength to dislodge a piece of the ship’s structure which fatally impales the remaining shark. Great White ends with the movie’s survivors safely making their way to the shore.

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