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Amazon is making sure the holidays are filled with cheer on December 17 thanks to With Love, a new series that follows the Diaz family's trials and tribulations through various celebrations. Created by Gloria Calderón Kellett, who gifted us with the Netflix-turned-Pop gem One Day At A Time and also playing Gladys in With Love, the show begins on Nochebuena (Christmas Eve) with the Diaz siblings preparing very different romantic revelations for their parents.

Lily (Emeraude Toubia, Shadowhunters) has just broken up with her perfect boyfriend while Jorge Jr. (Mark Indelicato, Dead of Summer) is nervous about introducing his new one, and their cousin Sol (Isis King, When They See Us) is flirting with the possibility of dating their coworker Dr. Murphy (Todd Grinnell, One Day At A Time). But whatever path romance takes for each family member, no one thinks it can measure up to what the heads of household (played by Constance Marie and Benito Martinez) have.

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Calderón Kellett spoke to Screen Rant about how the inspiration for this innovative concept struck, and how she hoped to incorporate different perceptions on romantic and familial love into the story.

Screen Rant: It's so cool how you chronicle a year in festivities because, as we both know, Latinos love a good party. Every holiday is the best holiday. What inspired that concept for you?

Gloria Calderón Kellett: Well, I love the holidays. The pandemic was very heavy and, at Christmas time, I love watching Love, Actually and Elf and those holiday romcoms. It really occurred to me, "Where are we in those? We don't exist." With One Day At A Time, I was able to put a Latino family in a modern sitcom space, and I wanted to do the same. I wanted us to exist in this space, and the holidays seemed like the perfect way to do it.

Initially, I was thinking, "I just want to show Nochebuena. People don't know that we celebrate Nochebuena." Then I was like, "Oh, we have so many good New Year's traditions, and I've never seen uvas [grapes] eaten, and all the traditions. Never seen that on TV in my life, it would be so cool to do that." Then it just became like, "How about I just do - Oh, my gosh! Guess what? There's holidays every few months. Let's do that."

I pitched it this year. I pitched it in January at Amazon, and I pitched it as 10 episodes for a whole year. They were like, "We love this. How quickly can you make it?" We could only do five to get it out by Christmas, which is why it's only five episodes. But it was just joyful. I think I needed to make it too; I think it was a heavy year. I got to enjoy making it with this beautiful cast, and now we get to put it out in the world as a little warm hug for everybody on the holidays.

I also love the structure of how everyone's relationship somehow echoes our matriarch and patriarch, Beatriz and Jorge. What was it like crafting that dynamic, and then building off that for all the kids?

Gloria Calderón Kellett: My parents never fought in front of us, and they were always so loving; they held hands like a very affectionate couple. And I would joke in college, when my friends were b***hing about their parents who hated each other and were divorced, I was like, "My parents love each other too much! That's just as bad." No, really, because I'm in a relationship and I'm like, "Well, you're never gonna love me the way my dad loves my mom. So, what are we even doing here?"

It's funny, parents and kids. Those relationships are complex, so I wanted to show what that looked like. What does it look like for these kids? Because Jorge Jr. and Lily both have these sort of idealized versions of what relationships are based on their parents, and so [it's fun] to get to see that their parents aren't perfect - their parents have flaws that they've kept hidden from their kids because they wanted their kids to experience and see what love looked like.

And then the grandparents? I mean, the first people to have sex on the show are Abuela and Abuelo in the pilot. The first people that have sex on the show are the 70-year-olds. I wanted to just show generationally, the depth of finding love but also keeping love. What does keeping love look like? And we got to do that with this epic cast.

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All 5 episodes of With Love premiere December 17 on Prime Video.

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