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The classic sitcom Frasier is officially getting the reboot treatment. Kelsey Grammer famously starred as the titular character Frasier Crane after he was initially debuted in NBC's Cheers as Diane's (Shelley Long) former boyfriend. The spinoff, which also featured John Mahoney as Martin Crane, Jane Leeves as Daphne Moon, David Hyde Pierce as Niles Crane, and Peri Gilpin as Roz Doyle, ran for 11 seasons before it wrapped up in 2004. For years, there have been rumors that the show was getting revived, but nothing came out of these speculations until it was confirmed that Frasier will indeed return on Paramount+.

Thanks to his eccentricities, Frasier was a welcome addition to the classic NBC sitcom, becoming a series regular even after Long left Cheers in season 5. When the Ted Danson-led series went off the air in 1993 despite its continued popularity, NBC found ways to capitalize on its viewership by launching its spin-off Frasier later the same year. It features the titular character relocating from Boston to Seattle where he started a new job as a radiotherapist. This also allowed fans to meet his family which included his equally-eccentric brother, Niles, and down-to-Earth father, Marty.

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Now, 17 years after it ended, Frasier and his family are gearing for a TV comeback through a reboot/revival. Grammer publicly discussed his interest in reviving the series, which remains one of the most critically-acclaimed television shows of all time, and spearheaded the efforts to bring it back to the air. Grammer finally got his wish; not only is he reprising arguably his most memorable role thus far, but he will also serve as a producer for the project. Here's everything to know about the upcoming Frasier reboot, including its release date, network, and which actors will return.

Grammer's production company, Grammnet Productions, and CBS Studios are producing the reboot, which is being written by How I Met Your Mother scribe Chris Harris and Life in Pieces writer Joe Cristalli. There is no confirmed release date for the planned Frasier reboot. Grammer revealed in late 2019 that he, alongside those working on the show was busy trying to crack the show's story. Since then, the actor has been asked a few more times regarding the series' potential debut. Although the Frasier reboot was officially confirmed for Paramount+, it doesn't seem like there's much progress in terms of developing the project. In June 2021, Grammer teased that fans can expect the Frasier reboot to premiere in spring 2022, but by November of the same year, he revealed that they are still working on its narrative. Given this, it's highly likely the Frasier revival won't meet its target spring 2022 rollout date and will be delayed instead.

In June 2020, the main cast of Frasier appeared for a virtual reunion to reminisce about their days working on the show, while also raising money for The Actors Fund — a fundraiser for actors who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. While the subject of the reboot came up at the time, none of the stars commented about their supposed involvement, although Grammer previously said in 2018, during the Frasier’s 25th anniversary, that he won't be revisiting the series unless Pierce, Leeves, and Gilpin are also coming back. Back in April 2020, Gilpin teased the project but didn't reveal if she's signed up for it or not.

Spearheading the Frasier revival, Grammer has revealed that they have been actively asking his old co-stars to reprise their roles for the upcoming project. But until now, it's still uncertain who else will be in it aside from him. He basically said the same thing when asked about the matter in November 2021. While he didn't give any indication about how the casting process has been going, he said that he's hoping that everyone joins him for the new Frasier. Sadly, John Mahoney — who played Martin, Frasier's father — passed away in 2018, so he won't be involved in the project. Pierce, on the other hand, previously said that he has no intentions of revisiting his role as Niles and that he's opposed to reviving Frasier in general. Meanwhile, Bebe Neuwirth, who played Lilith, Frasier's ex-wife from Cheers, said in 2019 that she's open to reprising the role in the Frasier revival.

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While Grammer has been careful about what he reveals about the Frasier reboot's narrative, he's dropped some details about what fans can expect from it. In 2019, the actor hinted that Frederick will be a significant factor in the reboot as viewers will learn what the younger Crane has been up to these last several years. It's also imperative for the show to address Marty's absence following Mahoney's death.

As for Frasier himself, Grammer said that the psychiatrist-turned-radio host is looking for a "third act." However, his new adventure may not be set in his home city of Seattle; instead, the Frasier revival will be set in a new city, following the trend of the character moving from one place to another in between sitcoms. Fans should also expect a different version of the character as he embarks on the new phase in his life. Although Grammer seems to be clear about the overall trajectory of the Frasier reboot, plot specifics are still unclear. As per his latest update, there are still in the process of figuring out the finer details of the show's narrative.

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