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In Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, players may want to upgrade their mining to level 90 to maximize that skillset. The mining Disciple of the Land skill in FFXIV will allow players to find ore, precious stones, and fossils from Eorzea that will be useful to craft into items, especially for blacksmiths. To become a miner, players must have at least one level 10 Disciple of War or Magic.

To initially level up the mining skill in FFXIV, players will be able to gain levels by collecting minerals. As they progress through the early levels, players will be required to find and collect more challenging minerals. Using this method, players should be able to reach mining level 50 in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. Once players have reached mining level 50, they should purchase a full set of mining gear, which will be useful in leveling up faster.

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To reach mining level 80 in FFXIV Endwalker, players will want to use manuals, which can be purchased using the old white scrips. Reaching level 80 requires 30 old white scrips, and, while they may not last longer than the 300 scrips, players will still receive the same bonus, and therefore level up much faster. Players can spend their white scrip until they reach the cap of 2000. Additionally, this method can also be used to level up other Disciple of the Land and Hand skills to level 80. To reach level 90 in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, players will need an alternative way to increase their mining skill.

The best method to gain experience points for mining to reach level 90 in FFXIV Endwalker is through collectibles. To use this method, players must unlock the Collectible Appraiser in Radz-at-han and have completed the main scenario quest "The Jewel of Thavnair" in addition to the feature quest "Go West, Craftsman." The easiest way to complete most of the collectible requirements is using bicolore gemstones, but players can also send fighting retainers to loot them. Some crafting recipes will also require monster drops that can be difficult to acquire, and players will receive the most experience points from timed nodes collectibles in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

The Collectability Value will determine the player's reward. The highest available value is 1000, while the minimum value for turning in a collectible is 600. Players will want to use their Gathering Log to to find everything they need to collect and their locations. It is important to note that some items are only available during specific times. As players level up their skill, they will unlock more collectibles to find and turn in for more experience.

If players choose not to level up using collectibles, levequests is another option that will allow players to reach mining level 90. To unlock this method, players should continue the main scenario quests in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker until they reach Old Sharlayan. Of the three quest options presented to them, players should chose the two levequests offering the most experience points. The levequest method has easier crafting recipes than collectibles and also will reward the player with crystals and gil. If players choose the levequest method, they will want to ensure they have best mining gear available to easily obtain the required items.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is now available for PC, MacOS, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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