Family Chantel: Why Lydia Ended The Relationship With Pedro's Father

Lidia Jimeno from The Family Chantel ended her relationship with Pedro’s father after he returned to spend time with his first family. She seemed determined to blame Pedro’s father for leaving and take responsibility for the final split. While Lidia’s hypocrisy is not surprising to fans, it seems worthwhile to dive into why Lidia is providing Pedro with conflicting narratives.

Lidia was distraught that Pedro decided to look for his father. On one level, it seemed like she was worried he felt she wasn’t enough. On another level, it appeared that Lidia was not interested in unpacking the family history if it risked her authority over the narrative. She clearly felt disrespected by Pedro’s father back in the day and did not want to dredge up those feelings.

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While Lidia wants to claim agency over the relationship with Pedro’s father, she has shared conflicting stories about him. Lydia shared in her interview, “I remember that their father went back to his wife, and I didn’t want to live a life like that of a life of loneliness, right? Then I made the decision to tell him that I did not want to continue like this.” The Family Chantel fans frequently questioned Lidia, doubting that she was telling the whole truth. She then shared that Pedro’s father pushed back, but she held firm, and they finally finished the relationship. She also shared that he offered to take their children with him, but she refused.

Lidia may not have been supportive of Pedro during that moment, but she countered in her interview that she wanted Pedro to find him so that he would stop questioning her. Lidia’s mother seemed surprised that Lidia had no interest in touching base with Pedro’s father. Lidia also claimed that Pedro’s father was cold and unemotional and that Pedro would not find any affection he might be looking for. This description directly contrasts the character portrayal of Pedro’s cousin, who described his father as an attentive family man.

Lidia wants nothing to do with men she's deemed useless. This is part of why Lidia does not respect Nicole's boyfriend, Alejandro Padron. The women in her family are familiar with this sentiment and do not need to complicate their lives with men they feel once did them wrong. Lidia’s storyline makes it clear that she felt abandoned by Pedro’s father. However, she also likes to make it seem like she had the last word on the termination of the relationship. Pedro’s confrontation with his brothers and father will finally reveal to The Family Chantel fans what the actual ending did look like, from all sides.

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