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Plenty of forthcoming Stephen King adaptations have been announced from Salem's Lot to a Children of the Corn remake, but only some of these upcoming movies and TV shows will make it to screens in 2022. While horror legend Stephen King has been perennially popular since his 1974 debut Carrie, the author’s work has recently undergone something of a renaissance. Big-budget movie adaptations like 2017’s It have earned King even more mainstream popularity and critical success than ever before (even if the plot-hole-ridden sequel It: Chapter 2 struggled to recapture the first movie’s magic). It is perhaps unsurprising, therefore, that more adaptations are on the horizon, continuing this trend into 2022.

As a result of this resurgent popularity, studios have plundered King’s massive back catalog in search of new stories to adapt (or old classics to remake). The multiplexes now look like they did back in King’s heyday of the mid-‘80s, with new movies based on the master of horror’s work appearing every couple of months. However, the small screen has been no slouch in this department either, with the number of Stephen King television adaptations now in production rivaling the string of ‘90s miniseries based on his work.

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With all of these adaptations in the works, it can be hard to keep track of all the next upcoming Stephen King movies and TV shows, as well as what stage of pre-production, filming, or post-production they are in. Some projects, like director Scott Derrickson's Different Seasons adaptation of The Breathing Method, were announced years ago but have not been updated since, while some more concrete properties have their release date, creators, and cast all set in stone. As a result, this rundown is designed to list not only every upcoming Stephen King adaptation but also how soon these TV shows and movies are likely to appear on screen, with most arriving in 2022 and some coming a little later.

First announced back in 2005, the novel adaptation The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon seemed doomed when its original director, horror legend George A Romero, tragically passed away. The novel tells the simple but brutal story of a small girl lost in the wilderness, fighting to avoid starvation and survive her ordeal while being pursued by a mysterious beast. While no 2022 release date has been set, the fact that director Lynne Ramsay has been attached since November 2020 means the movie is likely to be shot, if not also released, in the following year.

1984’s Children of the Corn adaptation failed to impress critics but did spawn a long-running horror franchise. As such, it was inevitable that King’s story of a couple coming across a town where the children have killed off their parents would earn itself a remake as Stephen King fever swept the multiplexes. Director Kurt Wimmer’s movie wrapped midway through 2020 but has yet to arrive on screens, meaning the prequel will likely be one of the first King projects to arrive in 2022.

Released in 2019, The Institute is a King novel about a shadowy government organization experimenting on psychic children. The book is set to become a miniseries from the creators of Mr. Mercedes, whose critically well-liked 3-season run bodes well for the show. However, despite it being announced in 2019, there has been no 2022 release date set for the project so far.

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One of King’s most Lovecraftian horrors, From A Buick 8 tells the tale of the mysterious titular car which harbors something terrifying inside its trunk. Back in 2019, frequent King collaborator Thomas Jane said that director Jim Mickle was attached to a movie version of From A Buick 8. No release date has been announced, but the small scale of both this novel’s story and Mickle’s earlier efforts alike means that From A Buick 8 may not have as long a production process as some of the more ambitious projects listed here.

One King project that looks very likely to arrive in 2022 is the prequel to 2019’s Pet Sematary remake. With a cast already announced, this project (which will focus on a young Jud Crandall) has a more solid footing than many of the movies and shows listed here, which have been announced but not yet cast. However, Pet Sematary's untitled Paramount+ prequel is already repeating the remake’s mistakes, meaning fans may not have much to look forward to with this follow-up.

One of King’s more conventional epic adventure stories, The Talisman tells the tale of a young boy sent on an epic quest to retrieve the titular MacGuffin. Driven by the chance to save his dying mother, the hero faces all manner of challenges in The Talisman’s classically King hybrid of fantasy, horror, and adventure. Stephen Spielberg has long owned the right to the project, but in March 2021 The Hollywood Reporter announced that he was working with Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers on bringing the novel to life as a Netflix miniseries. Fans can expect this one some time after the Brothers release Stranger Things season 4 in summer 2022.

Director Tobe Hooper’s Salem’s Lot is one of the most iconic of King’s many screen adaptations and remains one of the most influential, despite the miniseries airing back in 1978. The show received a prequel in 2021 with Chapelwaite but is now set to receive a big-screen remake in 2022. Salem’s Lot, unlike a lot of King projects, is certain to see the light of day as the remake already has its release date set for September 9, 2022. Not only that, but Midnight Mass’s success proves the Salem’s Lot remake could win over viewers despite Chapelwaite's middling reception.

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Back when It: Chapter 2 arrived in 2019, director Andy Muschietti said he was hard at work on an adaptation of the Skeleton Crew story The Jaunt. However, in early 2021, BloodyDisgusting reported that what was intended to be a Muschietti movie was now being retooled as a TV show by the part of the creative team behind Fear the Walking Dead, and updates have been hard to come by since. The story, a deeply creepy tale about the perils of inter-dimensional travel experiments, would be suited to the big or small screen, but unfortunately, unlike most of the titles listed here, this is one Stephen King adaptation that is not guaranteed to arrive in 2022.

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