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With the highly anticipated film The Matrix Resurrections finally out in theaters, fans of the film series are wondering how they too can enter the Matrix through what few remaining Matrix games can still be played right now. Indeed, the Matrix series is a film franchise that seems most suitable for video game adaptations, as the world of the films is already built up around themes of technology and code. But with such a huge gap between the most recent film and the end of the original trilogy, those looking to play as Neo and Trinity may be at a loss as to where they should look for a game.

The Matrix film series follows Neo, a computer hacker who discovers that the world he inhabits is all a simulation that prevents humanity from freeing itself from the grim reality it actually faces. Famous for their striking visuals and stylized fighting choreography, the Matrix films and Neo felt like Mortal Kombat fighting games and stylish shooters brought to life. Both of these components came together to make what should have been perfect video games, as dodging projectiles in bullet-time while fighting an unstoppable Agent Smith would, at least theoretically, be some of the most fun any player could have in an action-adventure game.

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The Wachowskis, the sisters who made the original Matrix trilogy together, must have felt the same way, as they came together to co-direct and write the first two video games for the Matrix series. However, both were met with mixed reviews. Nevertheless, these games saw huge profits and helped fund the production of further video games. Unlike the Matrix films, some of these other video games have grown to feel outdated over time. Between servers being shut down and Adobe Flash no longer being active, games like The Matrix Online and the many mini games on the whatisthemarix.com website have become officially unplayable. A few Matrix video games are still out there, however, with a new title even coming out this year alongside Matrix Resurrections. If one has the time and money to track down retro games, the following are available for the most diehard Matrix fans out there.

2003's Enter the Matrix was the first of the Matrix video games. Developed by Shiny Entertainment but directed by the Wachowskis, Enter the Matrix saw the mingling of a definitive studio brand and the auteur-like decisiveness of two successful young directors. The risky combination resulted in a great relationship between the video game and the film it was released with, Matrix Reloaded, the second of the series. Enter the Matrix shows how Niobe and Ghost got the last message of the Osiris, fleshing out the story of the film - rather than replicating it - by capturing the world of the Matrix from the perspectives of different characters. Though it still has its flaws, the game offers a refreshing take in the world of film-to game adaptations.

Finding a copy of Enter the Matrix, luckily, isn't too difficult. Over four million copies were sold, but since the game has long been out of production, it's unlikely anyone could find a new one anytime soon. Matrix fans looking to begin enjoying the video games of the series will thus have to rely on vintage video game stores of independent sellers on the internet. Prices online show that Enter the Matrix generally goes for only around $20 or less on the Xbox, PS2, the Nintendo GameCube, and PC. For a game with over an hour of footage directed and written by the Wachowskis on top of lots of fun gameplay, such an opportunity is one worth exploring.

2005 saw the release of the second AAA Matrix video game in the form of The Matrix: Path of Neo. Two years after the release of the last of the original Matrix trilogy, Path of Neo focuses on the original film, unlike its predecessor. Also directed by the Wachowskis, the game flows between major sequences of The Matrix that the pair of directors selected for use alongside the game's sequences. Though less ambitious, Path of Neo was received warmly by critics, unlike Enter the Matrix. This saw the game sell over six million copies despite not accompanying the release of a Matrix film.

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Here too, purchasing a copy of The Matrix: Path of Neo isn't overly difficult. Prices for Path of Neo vary a bit more than Enter the Matrix, but are still generally inexpensive. Additionally, the game did not release on the Nintendo GameCube, giving those on the lookout for a copy fewer options when it comes to which console they can use to play it. Nevertheless, Path of Neo offers a solid experience for players wanting to have the same grandiose fights Neo has in The Matrix film.

The Matrix Awakens marks the most recent video game in the Matrix franchise. Released in anticipation of Matrix ResurrectionsMatrix Awakens debuted at the 2021 Game Awards on December 9. A free download, the game serves more as a demo than an actual playable experience. Made by Epic Games and Lana Wachowski, the writer-director of Matrix ResurrectionsMatrix Awakens gives an example of the power of Unreal Engine 5 and next generation console graphics.

Indeed, those looking to play Matrix Awakens must own either a PS5 or an Xbox Series S, which despite it being a free download makes it potentially more expensive for fans than either of the older games. That being said, for those who are able to invest the time and money into purchasing a current generation console, the tech demo has plenty of content for being free, with Matrix Awakens having and tons of Easter eggs and over 38,146 cars. Additionally, the graphics truly push the boundaries of what real-time digital art can accomplish.

Unfortunately, many Matrix games were lost to time. The Matrix Online servers shut down long ago, and the minigames on whatisthematrix.com disappeared in 2011 when the website shut down. Nevertheless, there are still a few interesting options out there that, like the Wachowkis' Matrix films, push the boundaries of their medium, even if they never found quite as much success.

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