Destroy Something Beautiful: 10 Best Quotes Of Morbid Humor In Fight Club

Famous for its nihilistic approach to modern society, David Fincher's Fight Club, a 1999 adaptation of the novel of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk, is a fairly renowned and oft-quoted cult hit that came up relatively short at the box office but found renewed interest in later years.

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Controversial and boundary-pushing, Fight Club demands a lot from its audience, and those who can stomach the dystopic melancholy will likely have some of Tyler Durden's most poignant quotes rattling around in their heads for weeks to come.

The iconic Tyler Durden, portrayed by Bratt Pitt, is presented as a modern-day Nietzsche; disillusioned by consumerist culture and eager to free himself from the shackles of society, he's a revolutionary who says some pretty outrageous things throughout the movie. In his first interaction with The Narrator, he mentions that, given the proper know-how, just about anyone could make a bomb with simple household ingredients.

After that, he gets up and offers this gem of a quote while passing by Edward Norton's character. It's a ridiculous thing to say to someone, but it's emblematic of Tyler's devil-may-care attitude.

Early on in the film, The Narrator describes how he managed to conquer insomnia by attending various support groups, most of which were for serious illnesses, and none of which were actually for his specific issue. This plan worked until another quote-unquote "tourist" began showing up.

This intruder's name is Marla Singer, and, initially, The Narrator feels nothing but disdain for her, remarking that he would name a tumor after her. It's a bit of black comedy in an already disturbing situation; Norton's character is more or less taking advantage of the terminally ill, and he still sees fit to joke about the situation.

A major part of Tyler's philosophy is the abandonment of possession, and he would likely consider physical appearance to be as worthless as any material object. As such, when his weekly fight club meetings really get going, he's alright with repeatedly getting bruised and beaten.

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After a while, The Narrator pulls out a tooth that was knocked loose in a fight, and Tyler offers this nonchalant response. It's Tyler's ethos wrapped up into a single sentence, and his utterly indifferent attitude is, from a somewhat dark perspective, hilarious.

As Tyler puts it, Fight Club is about destruction and tearing a person apart so they can be rebuilt without attachment or dependency. To many, it's cathartic and liberating, but, as showcased in the famous "destroy something beautiful" scene, this can be taken too far.

In a fury, The Narrator nearly beats another member of the club to death while this quote is delivered via voiceover. It's meant to convey the character's emotional release, but it's phrased in a way that may elicit laughter from the audience.

Tyler—later revealed to be The Narrator's alter ego in the film's twist ending—establishes an on-again-off-again relationship with Marla Singer. Emotional connection isn't something Tyler is capable of, and his coldness prompts this quote from his enemy-turned-lover.

"The condom is the glass slipper of our generation," she muses. "You slip one on when you meet a stranger, you dance all night, then you throw it away—the condom, not the stranger." It's an odd quip, but it's made memorable and slightly ironic by the fact that, though he was trying to protect her, Norton's character would essentially "throw her away" toward the end of the movie.

The reason Tyler Durden is so militantly against consumer culture is that his alter ego was once totally obsessed with it. Filling his apartment with all sorts of accent pieces and unnecessary furnishing that he was nearly embarrassed by it, his apartment came to be a metaphor for his life; cookie-cutter, uninspired, and lacking anything substantial.

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That metaphor extended to the contents of his refrigerator. Strewn across the street for all to see, The Narrator looks at his destroyed appliance and makes this remark, hinting at the fact that, much like his groceries, his life was insubstantial.

The Narrator can no longer stand Marla's intrusions, and he suggests that they should divvy up the nights on which they attend their support groups so they never have to see each other. The two argue over the meetings they'll be assigned to, and The Narrator demands the testicular cancer support group on grounds he deems to be self-evident.

Marla fires back with this quote, and, as crass as it is, it's a trademark example of the film's dark humor. The two are essentially using the suffering of others to overcome their own issues and should be remorseful, but, in this case, Marla does have a point.

Renown for his petty acts of defiance, Tyler takes a series of odd jobs in order to stick it to the man in any way he can. From cutting pornographic scenes into family films in the projectionist's booth to urinating in the food while waiting on customers, he's all about causing chaos in whatever way he can.

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Exactly what Tyler did to the cream of mushroom soup is better left to the imagination, but his actions went on to inspire those whom he would later recruit to bring project mayhem to fruition. It's an unrefined means of fighting the system, but Tyler finds it nothing short of hilarious.

Eager to expand beyond his small-scale shenanigans, Tyler Durden founds the Paper Street Soap Company, a high-end personal hygiene outfit that sold products to ritzy beauty boutiques. Of course, it wasn't normal soap; Tyler made it using human fat which he stole from a liposuction clinic.

A masterstroke of social commentary, this business venture set the stage for the widespread chaos of Project Mayhem. Given how out of control things would eventually become, this was one of Tyler's less harmful plans.

Easily the most provocative thing said in a movie full of shocking statements, this quote from Marla after her first fling with Tyler Durden is definitely among the film's most memorable. Meant to underline Marla's inflammatory disposition, it's undoubtedly one of her most disquieting statements.

It's a fantastic example of dark humor, and it dared to skirt the line of what was acceptable in 1999. It may not be as egregious as the destruction of several city blocks, but, in a way, it's every bit as weighty.

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