DC's New Multiversal Hero Could Be The Most Powerful Ever

Warning! Spoilers for Justice League Incarnate #1 by DC Comics below

Doctor Multiverse has arrived in the DC Universe and immediately showed her incredible powers. In Justice League Incarnate #1 by DC Comics, Dr. Maya Chamara made her official debut, showcasing extraordinary Multiversal powers that not only make her a key member of the superteam but one of their best solutions to defeating Darkseid. Doctor Multiverse quickly proved to be one of the most powerful DC Comics heroes ever.

The Justice League Incarnate assembled with the Multiverse under threat like never before. The DC supervillain Darkseid (who doesn't have any Multiversal counterparts) has made it his mission to destroy and control the different Earths across the infinite Multiverse. He's cracked the Multiverse wide open, leading the Justice League Incarnate, a group of some of the most powerful heroes from each universe, including President Superman, Captain Carrott, and Flashpoint Batman, to combat Ruler of Apokolips. The team just picked up its most powerful member yet in Doctor Multiverse.

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In Justice League Incarnate #1, by Joshua Williamson, Dennis Culver, Brandon Peterson, Andrei Bressan, Tom Derenick, Hi-Fi, and Tom Napolitano, the superteam ends up on Earth-8, home of DC's pastiche of Marvel Comics heroes. Readers are quickly introduced to Doctor Multiverse, who arrives with a piece of Machinehead and warns the Retaliators the Multiverse is sick and something is coming for their home universe - which ends up being a Thanos-like villain. The hero explains she found a piece of Machinehead using her Multivision, which allows her to travel across the Multiverse. Doctor Multiverse explains she gained her all-seeing powers after coming in contact with strange space energies during a mission with the Canadian Space Agency.

Doctor Multiverse ends up combining her powers with the new Flash, Avery Ho, to unanchor the crack in the Multiverse appearing on Earth-8 and send it to another world. Her plan works, as the Canadian hero seals the breach, upsetting the just-arrived Darkseid - who Boom Tube's out of the fight. Doctor Multiverse then uses her powers to keep Darkseid's portal open, allowing the Justice League Incarnate to follow him into his next Multiversal conquest.

With her Multivision, Doctor Multiverse has effectively come DC's version of Captain Universe - but she might be stronger than her Marvel counterpart. She is the only hero in the Multiverse with her powers, as she can see every variant of a hero, can cosmically track and teleport to anyone she's been in contact with within the entire Multiverse, and can manipulate energy in all kinds of ways. With those collective Multiversal skills, she is extremely valuable to the Justice League Incarnate.

Considering she's still getting a handle on her powers, Doctor Multiverse might not have even reached her full potential as a hero in DC's Multiverse. Nevertheless, she's the Justice League Incarnate's best hope at defeating Darkseid. Justice League Incarnate #1 is in comic book stores now.

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